Colbert - King of Glory

I think this has been posted before, but hey, they rerun TV shows, right?

Here’s Stephen Colbert singing/dancing King of Glory – I just hope I never hear this in church cuz I’l flash on this and crack up.

Gee, thanks for planting that one in my head. I’m with you - next time I hear that in Mass I’m going to have a hard time not busting up!

You know, I watch that and think of David the shepherd. I wonder if he composed his joyful psalms in a similar manner. I would imagine it would have brought God much joy.

Let us all be like children, eh? Especially when it comes to praising our Lord. :smiley:

Oh, God. The parish at home (although not the one at college), occasionally plays it. I’ll burst out laughing next time I hear it.

I think I knew this guy back in Catholic School…:smiley:

Okay, I posted this in another thread. Did anybody see his video on The Gathering Storm"? If so, do you still hold Mr. Colbert in such high regard?

I haven’t, and I am not sure how I stand on this guy really. But I know he’s no Bill Maher, anyways…

Here is the clip.

The parody of the over-the-top NOM ad begins about 3:40 into the clip. BTW, the bit about the “hired actor who is willing to take any job” is true. The comment was made during the auditions for NOM’s ad, and the audition tape was leaked to YouTube before NOM finally made YouTube take it down.
Spoiler alert: watch the Colbert video before you read the Salon article which has many spoilers

It think it is the kind of song that should be performed on stage rather than during mass. .

Is he supposed to be satirizing liturgical dance in this routine?

Maybe he was practicing his liturgical dance for an upcoming mass.


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