Just curious what people’s opinions are…

Do you the think that the Colbert Report and the John Stewart show are examples of entertaining satiric humor poking fun at politics and current events or immoral?

Colbert is Catholic and is proud to admit it on his show…although that doesn’t necessarily make him a saintly figure.

Sometimes their humor can be off color…what do you all think?

I love Stephen Colbert, honestly. He probably leans more to the left than I would be comfortable doing, but he makes fun of both sides (and in this day and age, I think the cracks that politicians get are well-deserved). I think satire, especially when it mocks politics, is a necessity in any free society. I think we need mockery to put things in their place, to lighten up tension, and to remind us of the absurdity of the political scene at times. There are times when I read newspapers that I disagree with violently, but I think it is important to understand how the opposition thinks.

I like both, esp. Colbert, but lately the Daily Show has been going downhill & I’ve been disappointed in both of them being so one-sided going after McCain/Palin.

I really enjoy Colbert’s “Threatdown”, “Tip of My Hat, Wag of My Finger” segments.

They are TV shows that stake their claim on satire and titillation. It’s what they do - Colbert is fabulous at it. John Stewart was better when Colbert was writing for him.

They thrive on political satire and their off-color commentary is what brings in the $.

Please remember that Colbert and Stewart are “in character” on the show. They are NOT real playing people , they are characters just like in a sit-com.

That said - I absolutely love Colbert.

I don’t care for either of them. I think they are haters, just very subtle haters who probably do more harm than the more honest ones.

I think Jon Stewart just throws fuel on the fire and refuse to watch his show. I am not as familiar with Stephen Colbert, but from the episodes I have seen, he doesn’t seem that bad.

My teens love Colbert. They never missed an episode all summer. If we were not around, they taped it to watch later.

I don’t like either of them. Stewart especially is in the tank for liberals, which are primarily the purveyors of immoral laws and programs in and for our society, legalized abortion including partial birth abortion, infanticide, homosexual unions or marriage, embryonic stem cell research including a proposal to clone and mandate that the cloned humans be killed in research, marxist beliefs which seeks to replace God with government…

While I find Colbert more palatable than Stewart, I still think that shows of this ilk contribute to the deterioration of political discourse in our society. When it’s considered acceptable, or even amusing, to use the most debased and profane language against our political candidates (in Stewart’s case, exclusively the Republicans), I don’t think it’s edifying for our culture. Bearing in mind that the majority of the viewers of these shows are the youth, I also fear for the future.

Satire is one thing - it’s been with us since the beginning of our country. But what these shows do is beyond satire.

But you can’t discount the fact that they are not innocent of the role they play in politics - especially with the youth. Steward especially KNOWS that many young adults consider his show an actual news program. He has said as much during interviews. I could speculate that he is simply irresponsible but I don’t think that is accurate. I think he believes he is responsible and considers his views and opinions correct - and his job is to get the message out to those who are less than well informed and extremely impressionable.

He’s also gone on the record saying that anyone who does use the Daily Show as a primary source of information is a moron, and that his program should be considered in light of the fact that it follows (followed?) puppets making crank calls. But if you’re still rankled, consider: how exactly can a man whose primary occupation is satirizing the woeful state of the media and the gullibility and apathy of its consumers make the point that the media is tripe and the American people tend to be gullible and apathetic besides doing what he’s already doing?

I think he’s dishonest. Yes, he pays lip-service to the idea that some viewers who watch his show and consider it actual news are morons - but he is not a stupid man. He knows this is not true. He throws just enough of the facts into the mix to really confuse those who are not well informed. And I think it is disingenuous of him to make this assertion out of one side of his mouth while catering to that very same audience out the other.

My VERY INTELLIGENT 29 year old son and daughter in law KNOW that the show is not actual news. Yet, they consider his commentary insightful, powerful, and fact-based, despite the fact that he NEVER shows both sides. It’s no different, IMO, than those who watch Hannity or O’Reilly and who understand that the news they get is filtered through a specific lens - yet the message permeates nonetheless.

You must know, if you watch the shows, that his audience behaves like programmed liberal automatons. They whoop and holler at the merest nod to liberal thought. At times, Stewart may appear to be embarrassed by this, yet he feeds into it - no?

Colbert is a good example of how to answer your question. I watched his show for at least a month after it premiered and really never knew for sure what his political views might be. I had some preconceived notion based on his time with Stewart, but that was all thrown out the window with the first show. I think Colbert is pure satire - without the vitriol and the hypocrisy. It’s also clear he is having a good time and not taking it too seriously. Stewart, OTOH, often looks too emotionally invested in making his point.

It ought to be remarked that the Daily Show and the Colbert Report are, in the end, nothing other than post-modernism personified. Both function to mock objective truth and substitute a nihilist ethic. That they do such under the guise of news analysis is genuinely corrosive to any attempt to walk in the footsteps of Christ.

Oh good grief…lighten up. They are both very adept at what they do~which for the most part involves pointing out the folly, hypocrisy and self-rightousness of modern politics. Oh yeah, and they leave you laughing 'till your sides hurt!

Both have turned into nothing but republican bashing orgies…Before that, they were fairly funny. Now, just two more democrat liberals…

I’m not a avid watcher of either; when I catch it on I take a chance to watch it. From what I’ve seen it fairly obvious to see Stewart’s bias and liberalism. With constant satire toward Republicans and just about nothing on anyone liberal.

Though for Colbert I must say I fairly enjoy his show. I never see any outright bias were their is nothing but constant attacks on republicans. Colbert acts more like he is part of this extream right and just makes it seem silly which I find more humorous than Stewarts constant Bush-bashing. Plus I find Colbert uses himself as a tool for humor much more; like making himself appear as a sell-out (Americone dream, sponsoring dorito during his mock presidential election) Then I also enjoy how he makes himself appear to have a massive ego. (“Formidable Opponent” segment, bowing to the audience when the crowd claps for a guest appearance)

In all it’s comedy and if I find something in this ‘news’ segment I’ll be sure to see if it’s authentic news later and watch Colberts commentary for the laughs.

I’m glad to know that Stephen Colbert is Catholic; a great suprise to see. Though I won’t judge as I have no idea how deep rooted he is in his Catholic faith.

Which is revealing because Joe Biden is a perfect buffoon and I have not seen them go after him with much heart.

Colbert is still in the race, sort of:

**Stephen Colbert for President **

Americans will vote for the next president of the U.S. this week. But in a parallel universe, another presidential nominee has attracted a following.

The candidate: Stephen Colbert, the 44-year-old Comedy Central talk-show host. His platform is Marvel Comics, publisher of comics such as “Spider-Man” and “The Hulk.” From fictional rallies to posters and stickers, Marvel Comics has spun a presidential race spanning over a dozen of its titles in which Mr. Colbert has been on a grueling 10-month campaign to be the next president.

“I like to think about it as wishful thinking,” said Padraic Monahan, a clerk at Forbidden Planet, a New York City comic book store. “Stephen Colbert is much more approachable than other politicians. I’d vote for him if he were on the ticket.”

But Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada decided to keep Mr. Colbert’s campaign alive in his comic books after appearing as a guest on “The Colbert Report” in January.

“I’m a huge fan of the show,” Mr. Quesada said. “Once we had the invite [to be on “The Colbert Report”] we decided to do something for him.”

I may actually have to buy Marvel comics to see how their election comes out.

I love the Colbert Report!!!
I am not usually a fan of American comedies but the Colbert Report is better than most. He also interviews people that others shows wouldn’t -Christians ans so forth.

Jon Stewart is just lame but i still watch the Daily Show.

Does Jon Stewart plays a character? I thought he was just being himself.

Stephen Colbert says he’s a Catholic, but sometimes uses the Name of Jesus in an irreverent and loose manner. Sometimes I just turn him off.

Jon Stewart is, for the most part, funnier.

But for heaven’s sake, people, they are entertainers! Lighten up.

If you don’t like them, don’t watch them.

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