Cold blast next week - July temperatures in the 40’s?


July temperatures in the 40’s? Parts of the U.S. are in for a surprise chill next week.



Where is “global warming” when we need it?



I love when its below 40.


Looks like the seams of a baseball! And just in time for the All-Star game in Minnesota.

If it’s cold THERE … will it be again or STILL? :snowing:

:tanning: - God’s got the weather sorted out. Of course … it’s easy to be laid back about the weather here in Southern California.

Now when I lived in Chicago it seemed like God used our area to sort OUT the weather.

Thanks for posting the story Gilliam. < (All kidding aside here). :slight_smile:


Oh, I am soooo envious of you!! I would LOVE to live in SoCal, I have a friend who is a corporate lawyer, him and his wife have a condo in Beverly Hills, they go out there about once every couple months, and always call me when its winter here, and ask what the temp was in KY that day…Gets me so mad! lol

One of these days, Im going to leave KY and live full time in either San Diego or Los Angeles, as long as I can afford an apt there! Ive heard certain parts of Hollywood, a studio apt can be had for as low as $500. month!

I also have a feeling the cost of living in SoCal is mainly due to the weather, when in reality, southern CA should be extremely cheap place to live, they have all kinds of disasters and potential for very bad disasters, Im not sure how weather became more important than these disasters, but it happened at some point!


Probably up north. Do you remember the Polar Vortexes… er, excuse me, Polar Vortices, last winter? Here in the Lower 48, it was bitterly cold. At the same time, it was warm (above freezing) in southern and western Alaska.
Weather maps from January 7, 2014
FWIW, the Arctic sea ice extent this year is fairly low. Maybe not global warming, but certainly polar warming.


That appears to be very similar to what the US and Canada experienced last winter, during the polar vortex outbreaks. Considering that the “ridiculously resilient ridge” of high pressure is still sitting in the eastern Pacific (blocking the jet stream and causing drought in California) it isn’t surprising that the middle part of the US and Canada will continue to encounter blasts of unusual cold.


Cute girl. :slight_smile:


Yes! :extrahappy:


I agree So Cal is lovely. My choice would be La Jolla / San Diego area. Hollywood was too much of a tourist trap.


I went over to the weather channel to look too, and it looks like we here in WI will be right in the middle of the vortex next week when it comes to the cooler weather.

They are predicting temps. in the 70’s during the day for us, which is unusual for us at this time of the year. At night in my area–along Lake Michigan–we will be down into the 50’s.

I have to admit that I am looking forward to it. July weather here can get really hot and humid. It is not unusual to climb up into the 90’s at this time of year.

I do not tolerate the heat very well, so I welcome the cooler temps. :slight_smile:


Sigh… of course the unusual cooler temps could never hit Arizona in July :frowning:

Oh well, we move on.


Look at the bright side. Lawns will be greener which will take all that evil carbon dioxide out of the air and converting to oxygen.


It’s global warming :slight_smile:



I am looking forward to the cooler temperatures. Two days next week the high will only be 75. That is pretty cool for this time of year in Southern Indiana. It is especially good that it comes at a time when my Asthma is acting up because hot weather makes it more difficult for me to breathe.


I live in northern KY and was recently in a discussion about local weather, the other person stated he thought this general area of the country was perfect as far as weather goes, he liked the changing seasons 4 times a year, I disagreed with him and decided to prove it…so last week I began keeping track of daily weather, and whether or not I had to have my air conditioning or heater on, thus having to keep my doors and windows sealed up, Im going to keep this record for 1 year and just see the percentage of time when we have to close our homes up due to weather…I predict it will be a high percentage of time, proving the weather here in KY is uncomfortable majority of the time.


Using your own personal preferences for temp doesn’t prove anything other than your own personal preference.


Well, besides me, if others have their a/c or heaters on in their homes and cars, that means they do not find the outside weather to be comfortable.

My problem is not so much the heat, I dont mind heat, but when it comes to humidity, that is miserable, combined with high heat, it is hard to just walk outside! I dont understand how the humidity can remain high for sooo long, when we do get cold fronts coming thru, it will take the humidity away for about a day or two, but then it rushes right back!!??

I really dont understand how a midwest city can be so humid in the first place, when we live nowhere near a large body of water, yet my state (KY) is listed as a tropical weather region??? We are very far from the equator last time I checked!

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