Cold reception from Feminists today


I went to a luncheon for Susan B. Anthony’s birthday today. I sat at the Feminists for Life table and boy did I get a rude awakening.

It was almost like you feel the hostile vibe.

I know I am naive as to how nasty people can be but it was a difficult realization for me today. :frowning:


Those women seem to not know that Susan B. Anthony was a very vocal and strong opponent of abortion. One wonders, if they don’t agree with her on that issue, why don’t they attend the Margaret Sanger luncheon instead?


Why did you go?
Why do you think they were hostile?
If they are ‘for life’, then you should have had that connection. Why do you think it was not there?
I’m just really curious! :slight_smile:


LOL!!! I read that as a table of those who would be Feminists, for the rest of their lives! hehehe :smiley:

Now I get it. - duh

Anyway, I agree with the person above me, why did you go and why do you think you didn’t connect? Did you say something, or did they say something that just made it go cold?

I’m curious too.



Susan B. Angthony was a feminist who fought against abortion, but not all modern feminists want to accept that part of her message. I’m sure the women LynnieLew says were hostile were not sitting with her at the Feminists for Life table but at other tables at the luncheon. I’m sure she meant that they were the ones with who were being cold to her and the other women at her table. Am I right LL?


The entire luncheon was hosted by the Susan B. Anthony house. It was to celebrate, what would have been, her 100th birthday. There were about 1000 people there. It was held in Rochester, NY, where Susan B. resided for most of her years.

It was the tone which was hostile. We were sitting at the Feminists for Life table and we open the program and there was a lovely ad for Planned Parenthood. Not that that was a huge surprise.

Then a woman (authentically) dressed as Susan B. came to our table. We asked her if we could get a picture. She looked at the name on the table and said VERY coldly “You’re a political group” and then walked away. It was not just my feeling, the entire table was speechless! We understand why she may not have been able to take the picture but if you were there to see how she treated us, it was disgusting!

Then the speakers got very "political’ in their speeches. Not that Susan B. wasn’t political but it was inappropriate.


I’m thinking that she got the hostile vibe form the other fems who weren’t seated at the “Life” table. Is that right LynnieLew?



I just think it is so sad that they have twisted the message of feminism into a blanket issue of abortion.

I am just as much of a feminist, if not more because of my adherence to Susan B. Anthony’s message. The real message that is, not the one “modern” feminists give.


Dear LynnieLew,

What you experienced at the luncheon was the effects of a spiritual battle. The feminists who endorse Planned Parenthood are not against you personally … because they do not even see you as a person. What they see is an enemy to their cause. Your presence is a challenge and a threat to them; they respond in fear, anger, and coldness.

Praying to St. Michael can really help in these types of situations.

And thank you for the witness you gave to those other feminists! :slight_smile:

~~ the phoenix


Good for you for going and standing up for what you believe. Politically active, socially conscious, well-educated women are not all of one mind. It is vital for women (and the rest of the world) to acknowledge that our experiences, our intellect, our training, education and background CAN lead us to different conclusions and values–and that those differences shouldn’t be threatening or greeted with intolerance.


I guess when it comes to women’s “equality” there is only room for those who do not deviate from the definition created by feminists of the 60’s-70’s.


Her 100th birthday? I don’t think so–considering that she died March 13, 1906!

Susan was born February 15, 1820–so this year marks the 187th anniversary of her birth–and March 13 will be the 101st anniversary of her death.


Thank you for very charitably pointing out my mistake.
I must have been thinking that we were in the 100th year since her death.


Absolutely agreed. They are concerned only with the rights of women who agree with their twisted views. The rest of us are considered traitors to our gender.


The rest of us are considered traitors to our gender.

Yep – we’ve betrayed the sisterhood, in their eyes. In my view, they are the ones who have betrayed feminism and women. Like Island Oak, I think it’s important for women who are feminists and pro-life *and *pro-family to let it be known that “they” do not speak for us.


Lynn, are you active with FFL? I’d love to get the nerve to start a campus group where I work, but I’m pretty sure I’ll never be considered for tenure track if I do. I do have the maternity shirt and wore that to the office on a non-teaching day, but that’s as bold as I’ve gotten


Sometimes more active than I want to be! :smiley:

Be happy to help and would love to talk to you about it!


I am interested as well! Instead of being the minority at the next Susan B. Anthony dinner, we should be the majority!


Good for you going to the luncheon and defending life!

I’m not a member of FFL, but I love their website and am QUITE familiar with what they do! I’ve been wanting to order some of their cool bumper stickers…

What a shame that modern feminists have become so harsh…


They send you bumper stickers for free if you join ;).

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