Coldplay records new album inside Catholic Churches

Apparently Coldplay’s new album that is being released in June was written in front of many different altars in Catholic churches all over Latin America. Something about this bothers me…did the priests just say, “sure come right in and play your guitars in front of this altar, disregard the fact that this is a house of God and that that is the Lord’s table”

Also, one of the songs “Living La Vida” is apparently about the fall of the Roman Catholic Church.

I’m a bit confused =S

Eitherways I fail to see how this is the fall of the church.

There have been plenty of times in history where the church was in a much drastic situation than this. One I can think of right now was the absence of the Pope (Pope Pius IX) after he was chased out for several years.

I think the OP was getting at the fact that apparent non-Catholics are “using” the altar setting as a sort of a prop, for commercial purposes. And then in addition to that, the group has a song that perhaps is negative towards the Catholic Church.

I myself have also wondered about instances where musicians record in Catholic Churches. To me it seems inappropriate, particularly if they aren’t aware of or don’t believe in the Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament.

Armor of God, that is exactly what I was getting at…
it just seems odd to me that priests apparently allowed it to happen. We all know how important the altar is in our faith…so for it to be used as a backdrop for secular songwriting just seems weird to me

oooooo, yuck! I don’t think that’s right. Why would any pastor allow a musical group to use his altar as a prop? I think that’s just ridiculous and bordering on the line of sacrilege. JMHO.:smiley:

I’m confused. The OP says “written” in front of an alter. This suggests some of the songs were written in a chuch. Then there are comments on it being recorded in a church. Written? Recorded? Both? :confused:

Yeah, I don’t get that either. Would someone clarify the situation, please? Thanks!

here’s a quote from an article:

“We’re … moving from church to church,” the band writes, “setting up where we can: in front of the altar, under the pulpit. We’ve been playing at the feet of archangels.”

They also recorded some of the vocals in a Barcelona church

does anyone have any direct links?

So obviously for this to happen, money would have to be paid to the Churches.

Now who deals with that?

I really enjoy Cold Play as I use it for my study music. I am really looking forward to their new cd. I sure hope it’s not anti-Catholic.

A quick Google search did not find any reference to validate this claim, therefore, this thread will be closed until the OP or anyone else can offer a legitimate link to verify the story.

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Please feel free to PM such links to me in order to reopen the discussion.

I know the feeling dude ^^ To throw away stuff when it’s anti-catholic, sure does feel bad.

I’ve read the lyrics to the new song and looked up the meaning an nowhere do i see anything anti catholic.

Their first album is very good and holds up well. The second has some good songs, but the last was an over-produced, stadium-rock mess. Martin and Co. making nice little acoustic songs such as “Don’t Panic” is really great though. It’s a shame they completely let that go on their last attempt. I’m a little interested in VLV.

Not me. Here is the group’s homepage, but good luck at finding information on it. (It does say you can download two of the songs.)

I found an article which contains the quote used by Brazzy, but it is a year old:

Music groups have been recording in church buildings for a long time. Good acoustics and all that. Most of the time, these are buildings that have been “decommissioned”, Mass is not said there.

Not a fan of Coldplay, it is blah music. Can’t see how this would be more than a gimmick.

I like Coldplay and I saw their new video Violet Hill, it is awesome and not recorded in a church. From what I understood they wrote some songs in a church or two, but didn’t record any inside. From what I saw none of their songs are anti-catholic.

The main song, that some have said is anti-catholic, is nothing of the sort. The lead singer, Chris Martin, said in an interview that it’s about someone getting to the pearly gates and being refused.
I like the over all subject matter of the new album, it seems almost like a spiritual journey.

I just bought it and am listening to it now. So far I like it.

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