Is it ok for a Catholic to listen to Coldplay? Listen me out before you start.;). Anybody heard “Violet Hill”? That’s what I’m talking about. I don’t know if they are actually anti-Catholic, they just mention “cross”, “priests”, “bibles”, “white smoke”, and “St. Peter”, but their lyrics are so nonsensical that you can’t figure out if they’re talking about it favorably or not. Help?:confused:

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Well, they’re a good band! I never paid much attention to their lyrics, although I did notice, “I know St. Peter won’t call my name”, which is obviously a positive reference for Catholics, though a sad commentary from the author. Wikipedia gives a lot of info from what artists say about their songs, and how people have interpreted them. Here are a couple:

Hadn’t heard of the song before your post. Just listened to it on youtube.
Was a long and dark December
From the rooftops I remember
There was snow
White snow

Clearly I remember
From the windows they were watching
While we froze
Down below

When the future’s architectured
By a carnival of idiots on show
You’d better lie low

If you love me
Won’t you let me know?

Was a long and dark December
When the banks became cathedrals
And the fog
Became God

Priests clutched onto bibles
Hollowed out to fit their rifles
And the cross was held aloft

Bury me in honor
When I’m dead and hit the ground
A love back home unfolds

If you love me
Won’t you let me know?

I don’t want to be a soldier
Who the captain of some sinking ship
Would stow, far below

So if you love me
Why’d you let me go?

I took my love down to Violet Hill
There we sat in snow
All that time she was silent still

So if you love me
Won’t you let me know?

If you love me,
Won’t you let me know?

I don’'t think they are anti-Catholic. It seemed as though they were talking about people making money their god, so their church was the bank and priests protected the bank, but the whole song doesn’t make much sense to me either. Hope I helped a little. Maybe I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt on this one, don’t really listen to their music. God bless you!

Some of their early work is good, but now I mostly view them as a poor man’s Radiohead. Just listen to Radiohead instead.

Bad Music by Jimmy Akin

Hey I’m not asking you to blast the music I hear!:wink: jkjkjk. Anyway, thanks to everybody. :smiley: If anybody knows anything else, please put that in.

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