Colds and Flu --what do you do to get well?


Its rainy season once again in my country. That means we are having more of the windy and wet, rainy weather.

Two of my classmates were absent from school because of colds and flu due to the changing weather.

Personally, when I get sick, I eat chicken soup. That is, anything soup-y with chicken in it…like macaroni-chicken soup, tinola (a local chicken soup dish). I’ve been doing this ever since I read in a Reader’s Digest Magazine that its helpful. So far, I noticed that it does help hasten my recovery.

Anyone with other helpful tips on how to get well when you’re sick?


**I heard from my mom that if you are just newly getting sick to take 10 vitamin C tablets, 1,000 milligrams each (basically 10,000 milligrams) all at one time and it is supposed to knock out whatever illness it is…haven’t really tried that one but then again I have been pregnant since I heard about it and didn’t want to O D on vitamin C :shrug: **


short of relying on windex like the father in “My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding,”…lol…I cannot survive without Alkaseltzer Cold Plus Tablets. They works wonders for us all! Unfortunately, I don’t have any down home family recipes for when we’re feeling under the weather but the “pampering and TLC” for the one who needs it the most always gets quick results too! :slight_smile:


The first step is always avoidance - wash your hands regularly, keep warm and eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit. Take zinc, magnesium, fish oil and vitamin c.

When a cold approaches - drink plenty of WARM liquids (not cold, not room temperature, which especially in winter is close to freezing). Plain warm water if you can stand it, lashings of lemon and/or ginger and/or honey if you can’t. Non caffeinated - so herbal teas are good too. Eat plenty of food cooked with onions and garlic if you’re not going out (chewing on fresh parsley can help with the breath)

Double the dose of fish oil, vitamin c, zinc and magnesium.

All thoroughly tried and tested.


With all honesty…Juice Plus+

I honestly was very skeptical because it’s a weird marketing scheme and it’s pricey… but our pediatrician was very adamant about our trying it, and other friends had been telling us very positive things…

So we tried it.

We have 2 boys in daycare… and before we started on Juice Plus+ we were all constantly getting colds (things are easily passed around a daycare)… but since we’ve started on it we just don’t get sick! Once in a while we’ll feel a little cold coming on, and we’ll take extra doses of JP+ (as advised by our pediatrician) and it just goes away on it’s own… the colds still come, but they’re much less intense and over much quicker…
We haven’t had a need for antibiotics… it’s been amazing.

My skepticism was gone after we were on it for just one month.
Any questions feel free to PM me! :slight_smile:


If we already have colds, I use chicken soup heavily laden with garlic, cilantro and jalepeno peppers. I constantly wash and wipe all surfaces in any event.


Other than trying to minimize contact with those who are sick and frequent hand washing, there is little you can do to avoid the common cold. You of course can get vaccinated against the flu so if you are worried you will get it, that might be a smart thing to do.

Once you have a cold or the flu, other than anti-virals there is little that can be done (and even an anti-viral will only reduce the duration of the flu, not cure it) other than to alleviate the effects. With respect to everyone else’s methods of avoiding the flu, as far as I know, all of them have been tested and found to not be any more beneficial than a placebo (Which can be surprisingly effective, which might just show that a good attitude might be the best defense).



Prevention works for me. I use two products that are available in the USA (not sure about the rest of the world - sorry).

Every single night, I drink a little bottle of DanActive, a yogurt drink that helps strengthen the immune system. The cat waits for me to finish so he can lick the rim of the bottle, so he’s healthy, too!

When a cold threatens, I use ZICAM nasal swabs. The moment I feel the least little scratchiness in my throat or runny, sneezy nose, I use one, and then every four hours, day and night thereafter, until it’s gone. It usually only takes a day or two, and I never get fully sick. I keep them in my purse in case symptoms strike away from home, as well as a full box at home at all times.

I was skeptical the first time I tried the ZICAM. A colleague in the doctors’ office where I worked gave me one to try, but I didn’t really believe her. Boy, was I surprised. So I would say it’s not the placebo effect, since I expected nothing. Pretty soon, everybody in the office was using them, and nobody ever got really sick. It was great.

Now that I’ve said all this, I’ll be sick in bed for a week! :wink:



I’m a huge believer in probiotics too!
We regularly drink DanActive… and Kefir


As soon as I feel anything coming on, I load up on Vitamin C, Echinacea, and Zinc throat losenges. This usually knocks out the symptoms in about 3 days and keeps them from getting very bad during that time.


Hi everyone!

Thank you for all your replies. I am very sorry that I only got to reply now–because the computer in the house conked out a few weeks ago and have only been fixed today.

Anyway, I read all your suggestions. Many were very interesting and do-able. Some of the vitamins and herbal medicines you mentioned are available in my country too, especially in the specialty health stores here. :slight_smile:


I take vitamin C tablets, and Echinecea, eat lots of fruit, and get rest. This usually kicks the cold right out.

Mamacita, I don’t know if it’s different when you’re pregnant, but vit C is a water-soluble vitamin, so any excess should pass right through without harming you or the baby. You would have to take truly MASSIVE doses of it to OD at all. A kiwi actually contains 300% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C, I believe, and no one I know has gotten sick after eating them. I’ll eat two at a time, so that’s 600% without any ill effects. Of course, I’m not a medical professional, so feel free to do your own research on the subject. ^^


Water, rest/sleep in a bed, not at work or school around all the rest of the WELL people! This is your time to sit out of life for a while. Take advantage of it. Do absolutely nothing.

Prevention is best–hand-washing and NEVER, EVER touch your eyes with your fingers!


lots of green tea, garlic supps and vitamin c…i actually do that on a regular basis as it boosts one’s immune system.


Colds are one thing. Flu is quite another.

With colds, my practice has simply been to go on with my life. Usually I drink about double the amount of coffe I would normally drink, which perks me up. Eventually, the cold goes away.

With the flu, I just want to sleep. So I do. You’re not uncomfortable if you’re not conscious. I have always been a pretty “high fever” person, and I cover up and just kind of sweat it out while I’m asleep. My wife gets concerned about my fever, but it doesn’t seem to harm me.

But strangely, I have not had either a cold or the flu for several years. Nothing at all. I’m not sure why. I used to have them a lot. I did start eating one or two oranges every night a few years ago, because I like them; particularly those homely little Texas oranges that have thin skins, lots of seeds, and are sweet like candy. Sometimes, I get a real craving for them and eat three or four, one right after the other. I don’t know why that happens. In recent years, I have also worked outside more than I ever did before; regardless of the weather. Rain, snow, wind, whatever. Whether that bumps up one’s metabolism, enabling one to perhaps fight off disease better, I do not know. I just know that I haven’t had a cold or the flu in years, and that it corresponded in time with both my orange-eating and working outside in all weather.

Perhaps I should add that my wife makes homemade chicken soup a lot in the winter, with noodles that are so thick they’re almost dumplings. She boils the whole chicken; bones and all. (It takes me awhile to fish the bones out before she puts the chicken and the noodles together-my contribution to the recipe) Maybe that soup helps ward off colds.

Wish I could tell you something better. But if you live in the Philippines, you surely have lots of super-sweet oranges. That’s my best idea. Eat them every single day, whether you’re sick or not.


I keep warm and especially around the neck. And at night. Sometimes I put on socks for sleep, for example. A lot of hot tea. Lemon and honey go well with it, not like whisky is bad.


Good thought! Keeping your feet and head covered preserves your body heat…without the invention of central heating back when, people couldn’t afford to go to sleep without socks and or head coverings otherwise the very real possiblity of catching more than simple colds increased. Which is why every fall and winter I need to stock up on knit caps and socks because inevitably, my loved ones will lose one or the other. :shrug: )


Hi everyone!

Thanks for the great ideas! Tea, garlic…hmm…now why didn’t I think of that?!

Yes, I agree that keeping warm and extra sleep would help.

Oranges and lemons are very good ideas. In my country, these are mainly imported from other (colder) countries like China and are more expensive than our local citrus fruits like “kalamansi” and “dalandan”. But I guess, any citrus fruits would be good because of the Vitamin C.

I think oranges taste great–especially in fresh juices (not concentrate).Those of you who who live in areas with fresh oranges readily available and inexpensive, are very lucky, I think.

I remember my sister once bought a big jug of frsh orange juice from the imported section of the supermarket—I really loved it! :smiley: I thought, if I had this available all the time, this would definitely cure me from drinking my favorite beverage: diet coca cola. :smiley:

Yep, fresh fruits are a nice way to get well from colds and flu.:slight_smile:


Oop…sorry I deleted this message. Its a repeat of the above message.


I wait two weeks.

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