Colin Powell, Condi Rice aides: classified emails in personal accounts


Looks like it’s not just a Clinton issue


1.Neither are running for president
2.if they are guilty, all of them should pay the consequences as did Patreus. Including HRC


Former Sec Clinton in the debate tonight said there is a problem with retroactive classification. She wasn’t at all concerned about the investigation, saying she was 100% confident nothing will turn up that could torpedo her campaign. She said before it was emails, it was Benghazi. When as she has previously said, after all those 10, 11 hrs of testimony, or however long she was on the witness stand that one day, the Republicans had nothing. Sen Sanders declined to politicize the emails.


Were they investigated by the FBI?

Condi Rice and Colin Powell received classified emails, did they also send them? Didn’t Hillary Clinton send classified emails?

Hillary Clinton has said there were no classified emails, and that is not accurate.

Bernie Sanders called Hillary Clinton’s email situation a “very serious issue” on CNN: but for some reason he won’t attack her on it.


I am beginning to think Hillary lives in a fantasy world. Does she have inside information that allows her to speak with such confidence about the email situation? she seems to feel “untouchable”.


Except that she is neglecting to mention that while Secretary of State, she had the authority to “mark” as classified (since that seems to be her primary defense, that they weren’t “marked”), and the fact that they were classified later indicates that either she was too incompetent to do her job or too stupid to realize that the content met all the definitions for what should be classified material.


Isn’t it funny how the State Department doesn’t have time to make the Clinton emails available in a timely manner, but DOES have time to commit resources to this endeavor, which is MUCH more difficult to research and complete.

Isn’t it ODD?!?!

And I’m not buying the excuse they are trying to sell. Rice and Powell didn’t set up an entire email server to avoid disclosure requirements.


Did either Colin Powell or Condi Rice have a home server?

If what either of them did was illegal, that needs to be investigated. There is a significant difference in number; 12 for both compared to over 1500 for Hillary Clinton:

Many more Hillary Clinton classified emails could be released.


According to the article, there are 2 e-mails in question from Powell that were marked unclassified, and he is now calling for their release.


“Powell, who served as secretary from 2001 to 2005, said he used a personal email account because State’s email system was slow and cumbersome. Powell is credited with modernizing State’s computer infrastructure, which did not at the time allow each employee to have the internet at their desks.”

Apparently, Powell had a computer at his desk just for classified information.

But in the grand scheme of things, I understand that Democrats commonly use the trick of “if any republican at any time did it, we can do it 1000 times more, oh yes we CAN!” as a means to help them justifying vote for a virulently anti-Catholic political party.


Powell’s soundbyte on this was awesome:

“I wish they would release them,” Powell told NBC News, “so that a normal, air-breathing mammal would look at them and say, ‘What’s the issue?’”


=Sy Noe;13642404]Former Sec Clinton in the debate tonight said there is a problem with retroactive classification. She wasn’t at all concerned about the investigation, saying she was 100% confident nothing will turn up that could torpedo her campaign. She said before it was emails, it was Benghazi. When as she has previously said, after all those 10, 11 hrs of testimony, or however long she was on the witness stand that one day, the Republicans had nothing.

The republicans? Oh, that’s right! Elijah Cummings was too busy trying to turn to the whole affair into a DNC ad, along with the media.

Also, Trey Gowdy wasn’t trying to torpedo her campaign. He even asked the ads about all of this to stop.

Finally, if the “republicans”** really did have “nothing”, it would be because the Obama Administration, with cover fire from the media, has been recalcitrant from the very beginning, and this goes back to protecting their brand.

** = more true than false, since Democrats on that committee, evidently, would rather win the White House than keep Americans safe.

Sen Sanders declined to politicize the emails.

So that makes it all okay, huh?

Also, see post #4, as that’s not quite the case. :slight_smile:


The State Department refuses to hand over a huge number of Clinton emails to the FBI because they’re “too sensitive”, but releases information on a handful of emails to Powell and Rice to the media.

I hope a Repub is elected next November if, for no other reason, so he can clean out the State Dept and, while he’s at it, the IRS.


Why doesn’t the FBI do something about the State Department stonewalling and subpoena the records?


From the article:

In a letter to Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy dated Feb. 3, State Department Inspector General Steve Linick said that the State Department has determined that 12 emails examined from State’s archives contained national security information now classified “Secret” or “Confidential.” The letter was obtained by NBC News.

Two of the messages were sent to Powell’s personal account, and 10 were sent to personal accounts of Rice’s senior aides, the letter said.

None of the messages were marked classified when originally sent, and none were determined to include information from the intelligence community, Linick said in the document.

So, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice sent some unclassified emails that someone later decided to classify. That’s kind of different from Clinton removing the markings from classified messages and sending them via private e-mail.


Like what?

The FBI is an investigative body. It can’t subpoena anything. The “action” arm of the federal government is the U.S. Attorney’s office, which can request subpoenas in the courts.

So, this administration will not aid in doing anything this administration doesn’t want done.


Add to the list of Republicans that used private e-mail for government business:

*]Jeb Bush, who has always been open about using his personal email,, to answer official and personal e-mails alike while he was governor of Florida and who owns his e-mail server.

*]Mitt Romney and some of his top aides, who used private e-mail accounts to conduct state business when Romney was governor of Massachusetts

The use of private e-mail is widespread among politicians. Hillary may have wanted the same thing that Jeb and Mitt wanted: to avoid having political opponents combing through their e-mails looking for something they can use to attack them.

If there’s anything scandalous about Hillary’s use of private e-mail, then it applies to many others of both parties.


It’s world’s different, aside from the private server being used to avoid FOIA and government record keeping requirements (both Powell and Rice provided copies of correspondence on government matters to State. It’s how state has the email records to look at in the first place. Hillary only turned over some records, of her own choosing, only in hard copy form, after it was revealed by a hacker that she’d been running her own server).

As Secretary of State Powell and Rice would have, I’m fairly certain, been the Original Classification Authority (OCA) for matters related to foreign relations. It would have been completely their call on whether disclosure of a particular communication with a foreign representative(s) would risk damage to national security. The comms would have been unclass because, since most comms with foreign governments are considered ‘born classified’ unless its established they’re not by agreement between both nations- Rice/Powell would have assessed US/foreign nation sensitivities in determining they were unclass. Hillary could make the same argument on classification (not failure to maintain/preserve records) of things that fell under her area of authority as an OCA.

However, an OCA can’t change the classification determined by another OCA who is responsible for classification decisions in another area. They must abide by the classification it’s been given. (there is a method to appeal) So the whole argument that there’s a dispute between State and other agencies is specious. If another OCA in the other made a classification decision, that had to be followed. Failure to do so deliberately would be a violation of the law.

In the emails that were released, Hillary directed a subordinate to strip the classification markings on material classified by other OCAs and send via an unsecure channel. That’s a violation that would get a clearance stripped, an investigation and disciplinary actions. Its alleged that her subordinates took classified information off of classified networks and transferred that information via non-secure methods. A violation. And removed the markings. A violation. And transmitted it via non-secure means. A violation. And it was stored on unsecure networks. A violation. Just attempting to talk-around classification by rewording or trying to be cryptic can be considered a violation.

As for Jeb and Mitt. State governments have their own rules about conduct of business. Anyone know whether Jeb and Mitt’s correspondence violated their states laws? Any hint they didn’t release or maintain records as required by their state? Any allegations they deliberately violated the laws regarding classified information.


I just don’t see that her behavior is substantially different from other public officials who used private email for government business – except that Hillary is a Democrat and Republicans in Congress are using their majority to schedule hearings to keep this issue in the news.


I think the FBI has complete access to Hillary’s messages, they even have the Server.

My understanding is State is releasing emails in compliance with a Judicial mandate from prior FOIA requests. The response to FOIA requests gives us a window into what the FBI must be discovering, but they are separate activities (my understanding)


I’d say that a Cabinet level position, such as the Secretary of State, should not place the business and information generated by that business at risk by using a private server. This is a basic skill, or CI 101 if you will. Of course, if you are not familiar with CI, I could see how you may feel that way. That is the essential difference, the safeguarding of information that is crucial to the business and welfare of the United States government. After all the high visibility data breaches and espionage incidents in recent years, I would think think that anyone in a Cabinet position would be able to grasp that simple fact.

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