Collapse of IS will lead to attacks, say EU officials


The warnings came as the EU’s security commissioner, Julian King, told German daily Die Welt that “the recapture of the city of Mosul, the northern Iraqi stronghold of IS, could lead to dangerous IS fighters returning to Europe”.

“IS have known for some time that this offensive in Mosul was going to happen and obviously an offensive in Raqqa will follow and there will be a ‘Raqqa scatter’ of foreign fighters back to their home countries,” he said.


Maybe I’m misunderstanding your second quote? Is the following link related to this at all?
What do you think about this:

No wonder the “refugees” didn’t have any women and children with them. :rolleyes:

So, the furniture company that was used to smuggle the weapons is YAVEX, which IS A TURKISH ARMS MANUFACTURING COMPANY THAT IS LICENSED TO DO BUSINESS IN FORT MEYERS, FLORIDA!


I’m sorry, I put the wrong link in there. I’ll find it…


…continued announcements before attacks offer refuge and continued military support for radical Islam.

What we have/are observed/ing is a world size chess game to beat down the Christian West.
Check politicians stance before voting in November.


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