Colleague with transgender child


I work in a Catholic school and a fellow Catholic colleague has a transgender child. The child was born female, came out as a lesbian and has now said she is a trans man and has undergone a double mastectomy and is getting ‘married’ next year to a woman. I have expressed support for this persons choices but now think perhaps I shouldn’t have done so. I also sent a congrats card and bottle of wine to a gay ‘wedding’ and attended another gay ‘wedding’ before becoming Catholic. Do I need to confess these things as I didn’t at the time believe them to be wrong but now realise it’s not in line with catechism. Other catholic colleagues have also expressed support for the colleague and the transition and ‘marriages’. Advice as to how to react in future as this isn’t going away?


I tend to just ignore it. If they bring it up, try to steer the conversation in a different direction.

Their “marriage” is objectively immoral, but telling your coworker that isn’t exactly going to go over well.

As for confession, my general standby is that it couldn’t hurt. I can’t say if you need it or not, but I tend to fall into the “better safe than sorry” mindset.


Thank you x x


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