Collecting a second rebate in another person's name?

There is a thread on this in “Ask An Apologist” and the answer is confusing me…
Here is the link:

“Household” refers to the inhabitants of a single address. If your mother and sister live at another address, they can certainly collect a rebate and give it to you if they wish. For you to attempt to collect such a rebate in their names – whether they live with you or not – would be petty fraud.

Does she mean that so long as my mother or sister give consent and the rebate is mailed to their address, they can deposit the rebate and give me the amount its worth? Or is it that they have to be the ones doing all the legwork to collect the rebate? There have been times that I have bought items for relatives-- they keep the items and submit for a rebate with my receipts and then they pay me for the amount of the rebate which will be coming to them. There have been other times when I paid for and kept the items, mailing in one rebate for our household, and a relative allowed me to submit a separate rebate for their household (they weren’t going to use the rebate themselves). When they received the check in the mail, they deposited it and paid me back the amount it’s worth. Is this wrong? Where’s the line here?

The rebate goes to the household. There is no restriction on what they do with it.

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