Collecting Male Gametes for Infertility Testing


Well, here we go. Appointments are rolling along with our fertility doctor. (No, don't worry, I would never utilize any methods that were forbidden by my beloved Church).

One thing that's concerning is that it would be a shame to put me on fertility drugs like Clomid (which are not forbidden, just to clarify) if it turned out that my husband's gametes were not as healthy as they could be. It could cause a lot of frustration and heartbreak, and we might have been barking up the wrong tree, so to speak. The fertility center understands my faith and boundaries, but in their purely medical opinion, the man's contribution to fertility should be tested just to make sure there's enough information.

I think we're all familiar with the usual way, sadly, that men collect their genetic material in medical settings. This is clearly prohibited for Catholics. I thought I remembered reading a long, long time ago about special "Catholic condoms" that were perforated and designed to collect some of this material but allow for the possibility of life as well. Is that real? Did I fall for a hoax? If such a thing is permissible, are they special condoms that I have to obtain somewhere, or - sorry to be crass - can I make my own by poking holes in a condom with a sewing pin?

I have tried asking local Catholic experts on sexuality and fertility and have met with mostly horrified looks and gotten no answers. Google searches of the terms "Catholic" and "condom," as you can well understand, lead down a scary rabbit hole. I honestly and truly would appreciate any concrete knowledge that anyone has - especially from couples who have followed the Theology of the Body during infertility treatment!


There is nothing immoral with using a perforated condom in a normal sexual act. The act is still open to life, and you get the fluid needed.

I don't have the reference in front of me, but I recently attended the Catholic Sexual ethics course at the TOB institute and learned about all of this. It really is a simple logic equation.


[quote="BrickRoux, post:1, topic:251796"]
...sorry to be crass - can I make my own by poking holes in a condom with a sewing pin?...


*Yes *

Prayers for you on your journey, infertility struggle is certainly a difficult cross to bear. God bless you for staying true to the teachings of our beautiful mother church, that is so wonderful and refreshing to read about your lovely witness to the faith! Take care.


[size=]Thank you both so much![/size]

I was so scared I would have to search the world over for this item ready-made and approved. Phew!


Just make sure you don't use a condom with any sort of spermicide or other chemicals on it..

You're right... If he has sperm issues... Clomid can even inhibit any future it thickens mucus and makes it harder to travel in...


How did this ever turn out for you? Was there a time limit on collecting the semen and then getting it tested?

I was wondering how somebody went about doing that?


Can advise your doctor where to obtain a perforated condom for collection purposes.


Okay, thanks.


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