Collecting Parish Bulletins?

Does anyone here collect church bulletins? I started saving the bulletins from every different Catholic church I visited years ago, as a small memento. Am I the only one? Does this qualify me for an episode of Hoarders? :grin:


I also have done this at different times - especially when I was becoming Catholic and after I became Catholic. I tried to visit as many churches as I could in the vig city I lived in at the time.

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Is your house full of stuff from decades of refusing to throw anything away?

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Does my son’s large collection of books that he left behind when he moved out count as stuff?

No, I say, answering myself, you can never have too many books.

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I do because I might need the phone numbers on it.
I actually found a Lutheran church bulletin that also had hymns as well as the information to contact the church from All Saints Day. I kept it, not because I have any interest in becoming a Lutheran (believe me, I don’t) but because I want to look up the hymns.


No, you’re not the only one! :wink:

I would especially do this if the parishes were in the area so that I could keep them for Mass and Confession times. :slightly_smiling_face:


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