Collective prayer

Has anyone seen examples of collective prayer for a particular cause where people pray together for the same cause, at the same time of day?

The reason I am asking is that in Matt 17:20 Jesus says that if one of us had the “faith of a mustard seed”, then he/she could move a mountain. Since few people move mountains, this level of faith must be rare.

However, in Matt 18:20, Jesus says that where two or three are gathered together in His Name, then Jesus is in their midst.

These two passages seem to imply that people may be able to combine their faith through collective prayer that requires “coming together” is some fashion. This “coming together” could mean a time, or a place, or both.

The internet could allow a large number of people to “come together” at least at the same time.

This could be a vehicle to achieve a breakthrough on a social issue like abortion.

Don’t know if you would include the Mass as a collective prayer.

Yes, the Mass is a good example of collective prayer. However, the social intentions for Mass are usually different for each church.

Thus, with the internet, you could have a group that is much larger than an individual parish praying for one issue at say, 1600 EST.

If it caught on, then you might combine the prayers of thousands of people.

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