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I was flipping through my Roman Missal book that I usually take to mass to follow along, and I noticed that there are no collects for the weekdays in Ordinary time only for Sundays. All the other seasons have collects for the weekdays and Sundays except for Ordinary time that only has for Sundays. Are the collects for Ordinary time the same throughout the week of that Sunday? During lent there was a different collect throughout the days but in my Ordinary time there are only Collects for Sundays and not the weekdays. Do the collects every change wording through the years?


Correct. Advent, Lent and Easter have their own daily Mass propers, whereas in Ordinary Time, when there is no feast day, the Sunday prayers are repeated. A priest may also celebrate a votive Mass, which has its own prayers.


I thought each OF Ferial Mass had its own proper prayers…


Nope; during Ordinary Time, they have only their own readings, but the Mass propers are those of the preceding Sunday. Privileged seasons such as Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter have propers for the ferial Masses.


Yup that’s correct.:thumbsup:


No, they don’t have to be from the preceding Sunday. The rubrics for Ordinary Time in the Roman Missal state:
[l]n the Missal, thirty-four Masses for the Sundays and weekdays in Ordinary Time are
found. They are used in this way:
[INDENT]a) On Sundays the Mass corresponding to the number of the Sunday in Ordinary Time is
ordinarily used, unless there occurs a Solemnity or a Feast of the Lord which takes the
place of the Sunday.
b) On weekdays, however, any of the thirty-four Masses may be used, provided the
pastoral needs of the faithful are taken into consideration.[/INDENT]

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