college choices.

So my employer has a very generous tuition assistance program, and my local community college offers several of the covered majors. I am having trouble deciding between 3 or so of them. Also, I am trying to figure out how to balance a job, school, a wife for whom I am the caregiver, and a teenage son. Any advice. Note: I am already praying for guidance.

One thing you’ll want to find out is if there are conflicts between work and your classes. It’s important to be in class to learn the material unless this is all on-line.

One other tidbit from someone in academia: A lot of times, the way courses are run are unbalanced (much more work at end of term) and not terribly organized.

Finally, find out what minimum grade you need to be covered under their program.

To be really honest, if you plan to stay at this job for years, I would wait til your son goes to college, or else just take one class at a time that makes you a better employee.

Is the tuition assistance just for you, or would your son be able to benefit as well?

my thoughts would be:

  1. why do i want to go to college? what is the benefit for me? could i be promoted faster? will it allow me to keep my current job?, etc

  2. as someone else mentioned- is it imperative that i go to college now? how would things change if i went 1, 2, or 3 years from now?

  3. how long will it take me to complete my degree? no matter when you attend college, it will be hard to balance your life so that each component gets its appropriate share. it could mean giving up nites and weekends to study.

Study something that will help you in your chosen profession.
You can always take the more “fun” classes at odd times in your life.
As a person who has two advanced degrees, both in professions that pay little or nothing…don’t make that mistake.
Take the courses what will help you to support your family, take the occasional vacation, and provide for your golden years. And save save save. Most of us don’t nearly have enough savings.

To make good suggestions we really need to know the majors you are considering. If you are starting from the beginning then mostly what you will take will be core curriculum so you have plenty of time to decide.

I would put serious thought into what major will advance your career the most.

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