College dread and priesthood?

Right now I’m in college and it is very boring. This will be my second year of discernment to the priesthood. And some days I just really want to get started and enter seminary, but others I want to keep working toward a college degree.

Is this normal while being in discernment?

I’ll tell you what - I don’t know if it’s normal, but I think I can relate to your attitude. I have been discerning priesthood to varying degrees of seriousness the past 3 1/2 years, and while I would not have used the word “boring” to describe my college experience throughout 3 of those years, I can relate to just wanting to hurry up and finish so I can go off to seminary!

Well, I graduated in May and now I’m not in seminary…funny how that works! The way it worked out, I plan to begin the application with a diocese, within the next few days, and now I want to just skip the next 8 months and start seminary…lol. :smiley:

So again, don’t know if it’s normal, but I don’t think you’re entirely alone in that thought process. However, I do want to caution you - I guess you’re in the process of discerning, but unless you discern with a spiritual director that you should drop your current studies to either a) discern better or b) enter seminary, try to make the most of them for as long as you do take them. I think it is good for any undertaking, especially an educational one such as taking college classes, to be done cheerfully and for the glory of God. :thumbsup:

Although you are having difficulty maybe the idea of “bloom where you are planted” may help. God may or will be using you as His priest in the future, but as you know He gives us just enough grace for the present. You aren’t in the seminary yet, but God probably needs your witness right where you are, so maybe you can pray for patience and a glimpse of understanding of how God needs you there now.
Also God may be using this experience of yours to teach you to empathize with others and give you wisdom; especially for after becoming a priest.
For example, to understand the man or woman “trapped” in the job they dislike because they must feed their family. Children that are in church because of parents but they don’t want to be there. There are so many example.

Maybe you feel you don’t “fit” in the university with the other students that have very different goals for their lives than you? Certainly this can be a valuable experience too.

You don’t say what is your major, but maybe you could take an extra class outside your major like…comparative religion or public speaking that would clearly be valuable to you in the seminary & the priesthood.

God bless you!

I can relate. I have been discerning the priesthood for 3 years now and I am currently in my second year of college. I like college and I too have been thinking if I should start Seminary or keep going in college. My vocation director suggested that I go to seminary next fall since I will get a college degree there anyways. So talk with your vocation director to see if that is possible. Also, I am currently in the application process to enter seminary (almost done).

I don’t know if it’s normal. Just keep your spiritual director up to date.

You are in my prayers.


May it please the supreme and divine Goodness
to give us all abundant grace
ever to know his most holy will
and perfectly to fulfill it.

Praying for your discernment. :o

Thanks for the replies. :slight_smile:

A desire to hurry and get on with it isn’t unusual but remember that the journey to priesthood is a marathon and not a sprint - it’s important to take it slowly and ensure that you’re discernment and preparation is thorough so that you will be building on solid foundations. The preparation and experience you gain now will be extremely beneficial in future ministry.

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