College Humor

Alright, so I used to be a fan of

I found their original videos such as their “Awkward Rap”, “Jake and Amir” and “Hardly Working” series examples of fresh, clever comedy updated at surprisingly regular rates.

However, I have had doubts of the morality of these videos. They often have crude sexual humor and a lot of cursing. In one of their TV episodes (they have an actual show on MTV) they tried hosting a funeral, it showed a stripper dressed as a priest (that was hard to type :/). or vice versa. or anyway it really caught me off-gaurd.

Am I being too scrupulous/prude? A lot of the people behind collegehumor are Jewish. It seems like a lot of the media I find offensive my friends watch and still have their faith.

I would just avoid this, but I have recommended some of their videos to other people, so I feel like a hypocrite. :confused:

No, you are being wise.


Funny site, but I haven’t visited in a while.

I’d be wary of the site. I’m in college, so I truly understand the demographic that they are going after, and I will say that a lot of their material is absolutely hilarious. All that said, I don’t think that you’re being scrupulous. It’s good that you recognize the undesirable content.

All that being said, the intent and the use of the website will characterize any sinfulness that accompanies it. (If someone intentionally clicks on the “girls” link at the top, their actions would be questionable.) So, I’m going to go with the virtue of temperance on this one.
I wouldn’t make it a habit of visiting this site, but I also would not oppose a visit or two to check out a video recommended by a friend. And if you truly find something offensive, certainly get away from that content.

I like that advice. Some of their videos are sexual and morally just not there. However, I only visit a very limited part of the website (the articles and original content), so I’ll be careful :slight_smile:

I’m a big fan of the Jake and Amir and BleepBloop videos. They’re not perfect (BleepBloop did a video about pornographic video games, but they mostly made fun of them), but I can’t recall anything particularly bad in any of the videos. They’re mostly just ridiculous. I’ve watched some of the other content though and found it more vulgar and less funny.

Yes, Jake and Amir is hilarious. If they’re doing anything questionable (which I’ll admit, isnt’ too often), I’m sure it’s not out of any seriousness.

However, I don’t watch other Collegehumor videos like “Cartoon Animal Sex” and “Kiss the Girl… continued”.

However, I remember reading quite a while ago that if it’s bad just a little bit, stay away from it. There was this anecdote I read where a girl was watching a crass TV show, and her dad disapproved. The girl defended herself by saying that she ignores all the immoral gestures. The next day, her father made her brownies, and told her they were made “with just a little dog poop”. HIs daughter was just disgusted at even the slightest bit of filth in those brownies. He wasn’t saying the truth of course, but trying to teach a lesson.

Not just Collegehumor, but is that how we should be for ALL media?

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