College mass

I was very pleased, after much prayer to hear my freshman son was attending mass the second part of the year after a brief rebellion. He doesn’t go to a Catholic college but a priest does come on Sunday’s for mass. He said he likes him a lot, but he noticed he only does 1 reading at mass before the Gospel and has left out the Creed. Everything else seems the same.
I know at daily masses I attend, the creed is omited but the rest of the mass seems the same.
He didn’t want to say anything, but I wondered if anyone here knew. Thanks!

Ps. The priest also has to do another college and his own parish but I don’t know if that figures into it.

the creed and two readings must be done on sunday only.

This was a Sunday mass…they have it at 4:00 every week.
That’s why I thought it was odd.

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