College Sorority Rush, is there any way to bring Christian Charity to the process?


APO isn’t competitive at all - anyone in good academic standing is allowed to participate in the rush/pledge process. But that doesn’t mean we’re just a club. People who pledge APO have to attend pledge classes, interview Brothers, participate in a certain number of social activities, complete community service hours, and participate in the fraternity’s rituals of initiation. Some chapters also have it written in their bylaws that Brothers pursuing advanced degrees may remain active in the chapter as long as they are in good standing (completing hours, attendance at meetings, dues).

After feeling that I was lost at sea in college, joining APO allowed me to meet a whole bunch of people from all different majors and class standings who cared about the same things I care about. I was a lector for my university’s Catholic chapel, and it was always so cool to look out at the congregation and see a bunch of my APO Brothers all sitting together. And at least at my alma mater, APO provides a sort of de-facto support network for Brothers who don’t always make it to mass like they ought to. More than a few Brothers have started going to mass again because they can go with their Big, Little, Family head, or activity co-chair.


I was (and will always be)Theta Phi Alpha :extrahappy:. It was originally founded as the First Catholic all womens Fraternity. :D:thumbsup: It is now open to non-catholics and women of all backgrounds.
Our chapter had wonderful rush partys. We were anti hazing and not judgemental. We had all types of looks and personalities. And every girl was beautiful in her own way. Yes, we did have to cut people due to “cap” reasons. (only allowed so many new members per semester based on percentage of enrolled students and registered rushees etc…But we always based our decisions on reasons like grades or work ethics or if we thought the person would be a good assest to the organization. We did a ton of philanthropic work. And St.Catherine of Sienna is our Patron Saint.“Nothing Great is ever achieved without much enduring.”

I loved my Sorrity days,I made some of my best friends there. Greek Life can be a very positive experience. But it all dempends on the University and the Organization you join. That is the biggest factor.


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