College Student Auctions off Virginity

What is the likelyhood some slimeball is going to bid the highest?

Please Reconsider!!!

So, she’s a prostitute then. It’s worse than those girls in Japan who date men who agree to pay for the entire outing and buy them things like a toaster and whatnot. I’m not surprised actually. In college I saw all these ads offering a lot of money for college girls with good GPAs to sell their eggs. I heard somewhere in Asia they have this surgery to make a fake virgin, usually for the purposes of money. Are we, women, truly so cheap as to turn ourselves into commodities? Go, women’s right, help the guy next door think of me as a thing.

100 %

She should be arrested for prostitution and solicitation and the johns who bid, also.

That’s my take on it.

No better than the lowest street whore.Actually worse as they at least have an excuse-drug addiction,etc.

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