College Student Felt Humiliated when Joe Biden Called Her ‘Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier’

What happened to teaching our kids to have spines? So what, there are people who call names. There always will be. Quit being invertebrate snowflakes. Laugh a little. The sky isn’t falling.

Iow, a hypocrite.

Almost 9:00 PM EST.

Looks like Bernie is on his way to winning his first Democrat primary of the season (New Hampshire). (He won popular votes in IA but not the caucus.)

It won’t be his last.

From earlier in the day . .

I think Bernie . . . will win the Democrat nomination.

It’s looking more and more (to me anyway) that Bernie is going to be the Democrat nominee.

Really he kind of was last time too, until the Hillary people colluded to steal his election from him.

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From me earlier today . . .

Perhaps Bernie will win even easily (without a brokered convention).

Laura Ingraham on her show tonight is making the same prediction. (Regarding the title Fox assigned to Laura’s story. I don’t think the Democrats have any “moderates” but Fox would just say “moderates relative to Bernie” I’m sure.)

Ingraham: Moderates need to consolidate to beat Sanders

Feb. 12, 2020 - 4:11 - Joe Biden staying in the presidential race is helping Bernie Sanders.

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Biden has suffered an aneurysm. Often brain injuries like that cause a lack of censor. It’s closer to Tourette’s than it is to dementia.

My oldest has a brain injury. When he has cognitive fatigue he says some interesting things. He doesn’t mean them. It just means his brain is working too hard on focusing on a task, that the verbal part isn’t functioning well.

It gets better with rest.

My mother has Alzheimer’s. That’s a steady decline.

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This is satire.

I am well aware. If you don’t believe me you can look through my posting history to find where i posted other Babylon Bee links in posts that are very obviously non-serious. I thought it was funny and thought others might enjoy it like i did. if you want to think i am some rube that cannot tell satire apart from “real article” (much like Snopes i guess) then feel free. i think most people just snicker at “you know this is satire” posts anyway.

F_Marturana . . .

My oldest has a brain injury.

I am so sorry to hear that F_Marturana.

I just finished Mass a little while ago and
I am still in the Church.

I am going to stop everything now and go directly to Jesus in the Tabernacle not only on your oldest’s behalf, but for you, and the rest of your family as well.

God bless.


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I didn’t think anything of what you wrote.

I read it thinking it was another article on the topic.

So I posted what I did.

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