College Students- What makes your college different from all the rest?


List a few things that makes your college different from all the rest.
I go to Dana College in Blair,NE

  1. The college is Lutheran, but the majority of students are Catholic mostly in name only
  2. You play a sport and think it makes you special
  3. Seeing what goes on behind the scenes makes you question your decision to attend
  4. The sprinklers do a great job of watering the buildings, streets and sidewalks.
  5. Students refer to the college as Dana High/ Dana Middle School.



  1. They do an amazing job keeping sidewalks clear in the winter
  2. A lot of religious students with varying degrees of beliefs-- but I think I’m the only believer honors student…
  3. But when you do meet a Christian student, they’re typically strong in their faith (they would have to be!)
  4. All students are pretty normal and accepting, they don’t care about your religion, disability, etc etc. Very few “anti-socials”.
  5. Commuter college. Need I say more?
  6. No pro life group–yet. We need a faculty sponsor to become “official”…any suggestions?!
  7. Two Catholic groups on campus, and numerous Christian groups
  8. Most teachers really try to help you help yourself
  9. Cheap! This year I’m earning money for going to college–gotta love scholarships!
  10. College Democrats hands out condoms on Valentine’s Day :frowning: and Student Health Services handed out health packs with a condom as well…:frowning:


Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

My answers might be a bit different because I’m a commuting graduate student, but here goes:

  1. Beautiful campus and town, loads of trees, public parks, etc.
  2. One of the top universities in the world, and so far I haven’t found the academics lacking in my program.
  3. Very diverse student body, people from all over the world, all walks of life, all faiths and cultures. There’s something for everyone. This includes both ultra-liberal hippies (who are at least entertaining to watch) as well as the nun from the local motherhouse of the Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, who occasionally rides the campus bus with me in her beautiful white habit (and giant backpack).
  4. All campus buses are free; all city buses are free with valid univ. ID, there’s free parking on the outskirts, and the paid parking is inexpensive.
  5. An amazing library system, with just about every journal I could want. It’s a big shock when we don’t have a journal that I need. Most of them are available online with univ. login, which makes literature searches a snap.
  6. The biomed science departments are extremely cooperative. If I need a reagent that my lab doesn’t have, all I need to do is email the department group mail and someone will be able to help me out. I don’t ever have to worry about my data being sabotaged.
  7. The faculty in my program are amazing. I’ve learned so much from them, and they’ve been so kind and welcoming.
  8. I have full funding for the duration: tuition scholarship, health benefits, living stipend. All guaranteed with admission to my program. :thumbsup:


Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, KS

We are the only university whose mascot is a Gorilla.

His name is Gus. :rolleyes: :smiley:


I’m not sure if mine is the only bull mascot, but his name is Durango Maverick
Our new advertising campaing shows students with bull horns…“Be a Mav!”


-Well, nobody can pronounce “Duquesne” correctly. I always hear “Doo-kwes-nee.”
-We were the first Catholic college established in Pittsburgh.
-Our freshman Orientation program has won several awards.
-We never cancel classes, because they keep the main walkway heated during the winter (much to the dismay of all of us).
-The Catholic Charismatic Renewal started at our university (even if you disagree with it, it’s still cool that such a widespread movement started at the school you attend).


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