College students who pray won't be punished

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

(05-06) 15:45 PDT ALAMEDA – An East Bay community college district has agreed to respect students’ freedom of religious expression in settling a lawsuit filed by two women who were threatened with suspension after one of them prayed with an ailing teacher in an office at the College of Alameda.

In the settlement, announced this week, the four-campus Peralta Community College District recognized the right to “non-disruptively pray on campus.” The district also agreed to remove all records of disciplinary action against the students and pay their attorneys’ fees, said Kevin Snider, a lawyer with the Pacific Justice Institute, which represented the students.

Students still won’t be allowed to lead organized prayers in class, but can pray in other campus locations “to the same extent that they may engage in any other free speech,” Snider said.

“This was a case of voluntary prayer between consenting adults,” the attorney said.

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As an atheist, I applaud this decision. This is exactly right.

You can never tell about that "voluntary prayer between consenting adults" business.
Could be a slippery slope.

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