I have two questions. First, I live in a coed dorm that’s single sex by floor. Would this be considered cohabitation?
Second, my roomate has a poster of a dragon in our room. I’ve no doubt that it’s a sci-fi fantasy thing on his part and not a satanic thing though dragon is the title for the devil in the book of Revelation. Should I say something?

Thank you

Dear Brown,
While I have no doubt that, in moments of weakness, this dorm arrangement is a near-occasion for sin temptation is never sin itself, especially given the communal nature of a dorm I believe you are protected from sin. As to the dragon poster I am by no means speaking ex cathedra or doctrinally because I do not know the correct doctrine, but I would say that here the phrase “The nature of sin is intent” applies. As long as the poster is only a momento of a fantasy book or world this person enjoys I do not think you should be worried for your friend. The only thing sinful I could see occuring is if this world becomes somethign that controls his life and is an idol for him.

Yours in Christ,

first question: no its not co-habitation

second question: nothing is wrong inherently with a picture of a dragon.

Ah, college life!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Coed buildings by floors should be ok. Really, it’s just like apartment living, right?

As for the dragon poster, as long as the poster does not have satanic/witchcraft elements or overtones, I would not be too concerned about it. The modern notion of a “dragon”, while probably developing from the Biblical correlation of Satan and a “dragon” (or “great serpent”), has now progressed beyond only Satanic connotations (see the success of Anne McCaffrey’s “Dragonriders of Pern” series, where dragons may look like dragons, but are completely different from the sterotypical “bad” dragon).

That being said, there is always the danger that one becomes attracted to dragons through these less-harmful notions of “nice” dragons, and then becomes more attracted to the dangerous, more Satanic notions of dragons.

So, pray for your rommate, and express concern if he goes beyond simply thinking it “cool” to have a dragon poster. Try to lead him by example yourself, and if opportunity arises, perhaps put a poster or two up yourself that has better meaning (a movie poster from the “Passion of the Christ” comes to mind) and might strike up a conversation or two.

Just my :twocents:


As far as the co-ed situation, this this my experience. When i was in the dorm, it was unique that the floors were mixed sex (the floors are one hall, with the east half populated by males and the west half populated by females). I was at the middle of the hallway, so my neighbors to the west were girls. We found we had fewer problems than the halls (dorm buildings) that were segregated by floor or wing (in these places there were always boyish intrusions). Except for one of my roommates (who was quite, uh, active), we never thought anything more of each other than we would our own siblings. Again, it is more akin to apartment living with common restrooms and showers (there was one for males and one females, and this was respected).

As for the other issue, i had my icons in plenty, but we kept our separate spaces, such as there can be in a 13’x12’ room with two people (and Bob MArley posters can be just as scary).

In Christ,

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