"Colleges Condone Hook-Up Culture" (an article)

Hooking-up in this case means casual sex, often with someone just met.
This article is at cal-catholic.com/wordpress/2013/06/02/colleges-condone-hook-up-culture/

Binge drinking and casual sex–isn’t that what we send kids to college for? Is that why the tuition is so high and student loan debt the equivalent of indentured servitude? But hey, they got four years of being able to hook up.

I am not quite sure how lack of enforcement is the same as condonation. I imagine the concerns are more practical. If the rules were enforced, security expenses would increase substantially.

I attend a college that condones a hook-up culture. Condoms and other contraceptives are distributed for free. During freshman orientation we have a workshop about having “safe” sex.

My guess is that you would not have been free to bypass the workshop without consequences. Freshman orientation in some places turns into freshman indoctrination.

And many parents are paying for it besides.

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