College's final frontier: Mixed gender housing

This front page article from today’s Boston Globe talks about an increasing trend for colleges today: gender neutral housing. This is not just co-ed floors or co-ed bathrooms…this is school sanctioned co-ed roommates in college. Imagine putting an 18 year old male in with an 18 year old female that neither has ever met before in their lives and now imagine telling them both that they are going to be college roommates…sleeping together in the same tiny room. Colleges are doing this because activist groups are demanding a gender neutral environment and are (in their words) fighting the gender binary prejudice that is occuring. What is driving this? Not surprisingly, the homosexual and transgender agenda. My advice for those with young kids is to prepare for this craziness now well before your kids are ready to start college because it’s going to be alot more common in the near future.

Sounds like an extreme situation - certainly quite different from when I was in college. It was thought daring just to have males and females in the same house. :o

But I wonder how often the above scenario occurs. The article states that most colleges don’t have mixed gender housing. And those which do, usually restrict it to upper classmen. And then, the situation involves friends.

Mark my word, colleges will fall in line like good soldiers to offer this so that they’re not perceived as being non-inclusive…meanwhile, the frog is content to keep boiling away in the pot.

When I attended public University, on campus housing was gender specific for only the freshman dorms. The upperclassman dorms were co-ed. There were no mass orgies breaking out. :shrug:

I once heard of a college that had an Honor System.

The professors had the honor and the students had the system. :wink:

Co-ed dorms and co-ed college roommates are different things. Why put kids in that position in the first place…I think it’s called the near occasion of sin.

Thank God my College doesn’t have Campus Housing. If you want a room, they post apartments or rooms for rent that people are willing to rent. In my room its all males and its a 2 year program.

Having co-ed at any stage in College life is just wrong. Too much temptation.

On campus it is pushing a bit, but if you life off campus there is not much that can be done to stop it.

I think that some people may have misread the story. They are not placing opposite gender students in the same room unless they specifically request it. From a practical standpoint, the college’s attorneys would prevent such random assignment because the liability if there was a sexual assault would be astronomical.

At my university, I would have been happier with students being able to request participation in “gender neutral” suites or rooms instead of some unsuspecting roommate finding out that they were housed randomly with someone with gender and/or sexual “issues.” Normally for a coed environment, the participants must apply, be screened and have a background check run.

When I worked for the university police, I responded to ridiculous numbers of complaints and disturbances between same sex roommates who should not have been assigned together. Imagine finding out as a sheltered freshman girl that your roommate is a lesbian who wants to have relations with her girlfriend in your room or that your roommate is a straight girl who wants to invite different men over every week.

I’m not surprised in the least. During my freshman year, I was randomly assigned to a dorm suite with three other girls whom I met for the first time when we moved in. Girl 1 was an alcoholic whose father provided her with beer. Girl 2 had severe hormonal issues that caused her to behave erratically. She also disliked me and based on what she was able to get away with before I moved out, I think she would have locked me out if she could. Girl 3 was a heavy drinker and liked the boys, meaning that at least three mornings per week, I would make my way to the shared living room to find her and her flavor of the day passed out on the futon in their underwear. She also liked to go through my closet to “borrow” things that were never returned. I’m sure I wasn’t perfect, but I wasn’t much of a partier or drinker, had a steady boyfriend at another college, and tried to keep from making messes in the common area.

And of course, when I switched rooms, the girls were much nicer, but Girl 1 had a boyfriend who lived down the hall and spent many nights in our suite, and Girl 2 had a boyfriend from another school. When he came to visit for the weekend, we were told to find other places to stay and we were locked out of the room.

I’m not sure how allowing older students to select their roommates regardless of gender is any worse than the above. It’s not like the dorms at most schools are exactly upstanding bastions of morality.

:shrug: if they’re all gay, isn’t it safer that way? :smiley:

This is nothing new, as shocking as it may seem. The son of a friend of mine encountered this at a well-known midwestern liberal arts college 10 years ago. It seems that the only single-sex houses were feminist or gay-oriented. His dorm had co-ed floors, and each floor voted whether to make their two bath/shower rooms co-ed or separate. His floor voted for co-ed on the grounds that “people wouldn’t have to walk so far to the bathroom.” :eek: Personally, I would have walked to the gym and showered in the locker room before I would use a co-ed shower (even though the stalls were private), and that’s a lot farther to walk than 50 yards to the other end of the floor!

The young man in question finally took an apartment off-campus, but not everyone has that option.

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