Collegium Augustinianum?


Someone just told me that the Collegium Augustinianum is a fraudulent school. Can anyone here fill me in on this?


They are run by clergy of “The Old Catholic Church”.

I wouldn’t attend there. :twocents:


Well, I see this from their website under Academics, etc, then under Institute for Liturgical Studies:

The Institute for Liturgical Studies offers one degree in Christian Liturgy in addition to summer workshops and summer courses on liturgical praxis for Roman Catholic, Old Catholic, Anglican and Episcopal clergy.

And from their website concerning their courses on canon law:

The Faculty of Canon Law provides graduate education in the Canon Law and Canonical Jurisprudence, specifically applicable for the Churches of the Old Catholic Confederation, the Churches of the Anglican Communion and especially the Episcopal Church of the United States. The canonical Licentiate in Canon Law (J.C.L.) degree provides the necessary and professional credential for the practice of Canon Law in these ecclesial traditions, preparing the student to practice Canon Law in the above Churches, to serve in various capacities including Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Judicial Vicar, Tribunal Judge, Canonical Advocate for bishops and priests involved in canonical trials, etc.

So it probably is not run by Catholics, but they have to do with Old Catholics and people in the Anglican Communion.


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