Collin Raye

Anyone here heard Collin Raye’s new album? Collin is a country star who had his biggest hits in the 90’s including “Little Rock”, “I Think About You” and “My Kinda Girl”. It seems Collin is a devout Catholic and is now national spokesman for the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network. His new album is entitled “His Love Remains”. I was a fan of Collin’s music before, and am an even bigger one now! Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

I have always wondered what happened to him-I love his old song, Little Rock, brings tears to my eyes.:thumbsup:

Collin Raye is one of my favorite country singers, but I didn’t know until yesterday that he was a Catholic (and indeed a convert), so that was a pleasant surprise. :slight_smile: Yesterday I listened to an episode of Catholic Answers Live that he appeared on (November 1) in their archives. I look forward to listening to his new album once I get the opportunity to get it.

It’s one of those cases where I have to separate the man from his politics because I do love his voice and his music. I had also wondered what happened to him, its like he just disappeared from radio one day. Country radio can be so darn fickle. I’ve got a lot of his songs filling up my iPod including his little known hit “You Can’t Overlove Your Underwear” :wink:

I just discovered today that he is Catholic, also! Here’s a link to his new CD:

“His Love Remains” - Collin Raye

He intentionally made this CD to be Catholic - and there are a number of popular Catholic hymns on this album. I’m so glad that one of the best voices in country music has decided to make inspirational CD. God bless him!:thumbsup:

I’ve been a Collin Raye fan since his early years, but over the last decade I have not listened to much secular music so I haven’t heard any of his more recent music since I last saw him in concert about ten years ago. After reading this thread I just had to go look up his latest album and listen to some samples. Wow! His voice is still so pure and beautiful, and his hymns have me in tears at the moment. His originals, from the tiny samples I listened to, are just as beautiful, and “Love Remains” has always been my favorite song of his.

On the rare occasion that I do have the opportunity to listen to secular music, my toddler daughter starts yelling “Dance, Dance!” But as I sat here listening to the samples from Collin Raye’s new CD, tears streaming down my face, she reached over to me and said softly, “Sing, mama… sing”. And so this quickly moved from a “like to have” item to a “must have”, so I can sing my favorite hymns with Collin Raye for my daughter.

It is temporarily out of stock on Amazon, so I guess I’ll have to go looking for it elsewhere. I think this may make a nice Christmas gift for my mother as well… she’s not a country music fan, but appreciates beautiful Catholic hymns always.

When my daughter asked what she could get me for Christmas, I requested the CD. I was really touched by his story about the loss of his 4 yr old granddaughter.
I really liked “He doesn’t always give me what I want, but He always gives me what I need”. Goosebumps and tears!


Goosebumps and tears, indeed!

My copy of this awesome CD arrived today. I shed a fair number of tears as I drowned the room with music, cuddled my daughter and sang to her.

I have been searching for a CD of traditional hymns for some time now, and just never found one that was quite what I was looking for. Collin Raye hit the mark with this one! He doesn’t just sing the hymns… you can tell that he feels each and every word, with his entire heart and soul.

His rendition of “Oh Lord, I am not worthy” was especially touching, and his original song “I get what I need” really spoke to me in ways that secular music usually does not.

I ordered a copy for my mother, but I think I’m going to have a hard time holding onto it until Christmas. I might give it to her early. My copy is going to take up permanent residence in my car, as the only time I usually get to listen to music is while I’m driving.

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