Colo. assisted suicide bill criticized for preying upon fear [CNA]

#1, Colo., Oct 11, 2016 / 04:49 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- A Colorado ballot proposal to legalize assisted suicide relies too much on fear and anxiety and ignores the ways better hospice care can provide for the terminally ill, a local hospice leader has said.

“Hospice is the antidote to physician assisted suicide because it’s a highly specialized area of medicine that focuses on education, symptom management and compassionate support,” said Kevin Lundy, CEO at the Colorado-based Divine Mercy Supportive Care.

He warned that the promotion of assisted suicide ignores realities at the end of life.

“People are amazingly resilient and every terminal illness situation is completely different based on the individual responses to the disease and the treatment they’re receiving,” Lundy said.

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Excellent article; I do see this quote from the article as possible in the future.

“He worried that legal assisted suicide could lead to a situation where hospices are forced to allow assisted suicide procedures or lose funding from government or private insurance. There could be legal action from patients who believe a refusal to provide assisted suicide violates their rights”


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