Colo. kids getting into parents' pot-laced goodies


DENVER – The easy availability of marijuana in Colorado is raising concerns among police, parents and teachers who worry that kids are getting sick from eating pot-infused “edibles.”

Manufacturers are adding marijuana to everything from cookies to chocolate bars, sodas and candies, and strength and serving size vary widely. Colorado on Jan. 1 permitted special stores to sell marijuana to adults but retained a legal ban on possession of pot by minors.

That hasn’t stopped them from getting hold of it: Twelve students were suspended last month after they ate marijuana-infused candies at their suburban Denver middle school. The two students who supplied the candies are being expelled.


They haven’t stopped minors from buying cigarettes or alcohol, what makes them think they can prevent more of these incidents?


Now, back when they were discussing whether or not this would be a good idea to legalize marijuana to the general public, I was saying I, personally, did not think it would be a good idea.

What will be next in this experiment, time will tell.

Some thought there would only be positive consequences. I was trying to say that in Mexico, we tried, unsuccessfully, to legalize prostitution, and other things. Each time, there were more unforseen negative consequences than advantages. I suspect there will continue to be more of these as time goes on.


I found my moms pot and hash stash back in the 70s. Wasn’t legal either.


True, but now, this will just be more of a common occurrence, since it’s all perfectly legal.


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