‘Cologne is every day’: Europe’s rape epidemic


‘Cologne is every day’: Europe’s rape epidemic

March 12, 2016 news.com.au

GERMANY, Sweden and other European countries are facing growing public unrest amid a wave of reports of sexual assaults since the Cologne attacks.

New York-based conservative think tank Gatestone Institute has compiled a shocking list of sexual assaults and rapes by migrants in Germany in just the first two months of the year.

Drawing only from German media reports, the list documents more than 160 instances of rape and sexual assault committed by migrants in train stations, swimming pools and other public places against victims as young as seven.

German police use terms such as “southerners” (südländer), men with “dark skin” (dunkelhäutig, dunklere gesichtsfarbe, dunklem hauttyp) or “southern skin colour” (südländische hautfarbe) to describe the alleged perpetrators…


Terrible! Let’s pray that this ends and for the recovery of the victims.


With open borders, it is difficult to screen people entering the country. A while back, most people thought Merkel was doing a good job. But now, not so much.


I think we need to stop “otherizing” these people and accept them as they are. They are, after all, children of God and a part of humanity’s rich cultural tapestry.


I saw this today on my FB feed and this is from US high school kids??? SCARY to say the least!!! Especially the percentage for the females??!!


from Buzzfeed:

This is the irony women’s activists are struggling with in the wake of attacks in Cologne. A quick squeeze of the breasts, a hand on the ***, an unwanted kiss — when it happens in a public space, none of these are against the law in Germany.
“The German law accepts that a man generally has the right to touch a woman, to have sexual intercourse with a woman. It’s his right, unless the woman shows her resistance very, very strongly,” said Chantal Louis, an editor at Emma, Germany’s oldest feminist magazine. “We have a situation where … even touching the breasts or vagina can’t be punished in the logic of that law, because if the perpetrator does it very quickly, you don’t have time to resist. It seems weird and crazy, but that’s German law.”

That’s because, as far as the law is concerned, verbal consent isn’t really the issue. The law focuses instead on the overwhelming force of the perpetrator, requiring that there be a “threat of imminent danger to life and limb.” For a court to rule that a woman was raped, and the justice system to put a rapist behind bars, a woman must physically, exhaustively resist her perpetrator. If she can’t prove with her body — with bruises or other injuries — that she fought back, the assault isn’t really a crime.
One goal of the law, experts say, is to avoid “he said, she said” approaches to crimes, but the effect is to undermine the investigation or prosecution of many rape or sexual assault cases that rely on a type of force the law simply doesn’t acknowledge.

Yikes! It sounds like German law is a couple decades behind US law.




**"The law focuses instead on the overwhelming force of the perpetrator, requiring that there be a “threat of imminent danger to life and limb.”

IDK, I remember some years back there was a local case where a guy was jumped in a bar parking lot, he had a gun and killed the guy who was punching him, but there was some debate about whether he had the right to kill the guy, the debate was over ‘threat to life’ use of force, if he knew he was just going to get beat up, that doesnt necessarily mean his actual life was in danger, just that he was going to get beat up.

If I recall correctly it came down to whether the instigator was armed with any weapons, which he was not. the guy ended up taking a deal, he did do some prison time, but not much, it was due to him having an illegal, unregistered gun, nothing to do with the killing of the guy though.

This was a very controversial issue around here when this was going on. Public was split about 50/50 from what I remember.


It actually seems to be consistent with our own law. A “quick squeeze of the breast” isn’t going to get anyone convicted of rape in the United States.


Does that make it okay to do? :ehh:


No, you’d be charged with sexual battery and you can still be charged with sexual assault under German law. The complaint seems to be that inappropriate touching such as a “quick squeeze of the breast” isn’t considered rape, which is a variation of sexual assault that is far more significant.


I see. So it’s about the degree of the offense. I think the larger issue though is how many (if any) of these suspects will be charged.

Clearly, there’s a big problem here…


I think that if anyone is surprised attacked, they should have recourse to use deadly force if they deem it necessary in their own mind not knowing the intention or ultimate goal of the attacker.

Case in point: Point a toy gun at a police officer, and they’ll likely shoot to kill, because otherwise they risk grave bodily harm.

Catholic teaching is actually consistent with self-defense, even if it means the deaths of assailants.


The degree of the offense is how all criminal law is structured and particularly as it relates to crimes of a sexual nature. How many suspects will be charged? Probably not very many for a couple of reasons. First, because the descriptions (at least the ones we know about) of the alleged perpetrators are incredibly vague. So vague that it could describe just about anyone. The second is that these are she said/he said situations which are always difficult to prosecute because there are no witnesses and there is no physical evidence of a crime.The third is that some of these allegations have turned out to be fabrications.


Pornography and those who produce, distribute, and profligate it’s unclean ethos always seem insulated from responsibility for sexual trafficking, sexual abuse, rape , and a hardening of the beautiful relationship that God intended to exist between man and woman.

Sadly, America, is a land now infamous for it’s porn production. Our laws protect these smut peddlers. Research who controls this insidious output, generated largely in the San Fernando Valley of California, and you may grow to understand how many of us find the political influence of AIPAC so offensive.

How can Christians battle the PLAGUE of pornography without being accused of being anti-Semitic. It is a genuine dilemma. Of course, they will say, “don’t watch!”. That defensive argument has long since been shown to be a joke. There is no excuse! It is evil to produce, yet they have media protection, and all that filth is sanitized.

Sexuality has been perverted for profit, everyone knows it, yet we stay silent. When will our broken hearts cry out "ENOUGH!! Goodness, and purity are jokes to the new media icons. Someday, the Anerican people will no longer accept these corruptions. Let us hope that day comes soon.




I;m Ok. You’re OK.


The objectification of women has as its champions those who profit from the proliferation of pornograpghy, a modern phenomenon , which has created a sensibility that makes the violence of rape an erotic acceptability.

The porn industry is insulated, and it is protected. Money trumps social responsibility. I contend that this relatively new phenomenon has blurred the lines to such an extent, that sexual violence is now considered normal.

Now, may I throw it back to yo you,…WHAT?


Who are those “champions”?


Those who profit from it.

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