Colombia coca crop: Trump tells Duque to resume spraying

Colombia will have to resume aerial spraying to destroy coca crops, US President Donald Trump has said.

Aerial spraying of crops was suspended in 2015 after a court ruled that the herbicide used - glyphosate - could cause cancer and pollute land.

I would have thought they set the fields on fire. That is also, probably a pollution risk. This herbicide sounds dangerous. This is a bit of a quandary. I have no problem with destroying the plant.

There’s also a fair amount of violence in Colombia over the drugs, control of land and so on.

I hope Colombia and US are able to agree to some sort of reasonable plan.

I’m not trying to bump my own thread, with the facts we have in this matter I’d say “is there not some insecticide that would not be as risky”???

And I’ve always thought, it be Mexico or Colombia, surely, these fields can be spotted from the sky.

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