Colombia: Farc rebels 'abortions nurse' arrested in Spain [BBC]


Colombia: Farc rebels ‘abortions nurse’ arrested in Spain

Spanish police have arrested a man accused of performing more than 100 forced abortions on women fighters with Colombia’s largest rebel group, the Farc.

The man, Hector Arboleda Albeidis Buitrago, had been working as a nurse in Madrid, the authorities said.

Colombia is seeking his extradition.

On Friday, Colombia announced it was investigating at least 150 cases of former fighters who said they were made to terminate their pregnancies.

Mr Albeidis Buitrago, known as “The Nurse,” has been accused of taking part in most of those abortions.

’Lucky to give birth’

Female rebels were compelled to have abortions so as not to undermine their fighting ability, Attorney General Eduardo Montealegre told reporters on Friday.

We have evidence to prove that forced abortion was a policy of the Farc that was based on forcing a female fighter to abort so as not to lose her as an instrument of war," he said.

The left-wing rebels have denied this in the past, saying contraception was readily available.

One woman who left the rebel group told the BBC’s Natalio Cosoy in Bogota that she had been forced to have five abortions.

Women in the organisation were expected to fight or look after the men, she told our correspondent.

The fighters who were allowed to have babies considered themselves lucky.

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Uncommon sort of story. I’m unsure what exact charges the Colombian Government would be pressing; I don’t believe the story makes it clear.

FARC rebels would seem to be your Marxist types, Fuerzas Armadas Rebeldes de Colombia or something like that is what it probably stands for.


Guerilla. I remember it ever since I was at school,Path Finder. Well known in South America.
They are negotiating some kind of end after over 40 years.
In the context of this war,and this is how I understand it is being negotiated as,it may probably be " crimes against humanity" ,against human rights .
From what I read,this doctor was more than savage. There were minors involved and almost full term pregnancies. And,according to what I read,indigenous girls taken against their will .
I also understand,abortions were part of the deal with guerilla women. So this man may have committed " excesses" . In that context…
Atrocities.And more atrocities…
But the context of this extradition is not very clear to me either.


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