Colombia legalises gay marriage


From today’s BBC News:

Colombia’s top court has legalised same-sex marriage, making the country the fourth in Latin America to do so.

Gay couples were already allowed to form civil partnerships, but Thursday’s ruling extends them the same marriage rights as heterosexual couples.

Earlier this month the constitutional court dismissed a judge’s petition against equal marriage rights for heterosexual and homosexual couples.

Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay have previously legalised same-sex marriage.
Argentina was the first Latin American country to take the step in July 2010.

In Mexico, gay marriage is legal in the capital and in certain states.


Once again court imposed. Presumably by unelected judges?


Judges on the Constitutional Court are elected by the Senate of Colombia. A judge on the Constitutional Court serves an 8 year term.


The leftist governments of nations like Colombia are using their power to force same-sex marriage on the people. Catholic Colombia should not tolerate this. It is judicial tyranny.


So not un-elected judges… :shrug:


They are not elected by the public in the same way politicians are but they are elected by the Senate who are given a list of candidate for that court.


I don’t think that it’s a good idea for judges to be elected by popular vote. When this happens, a judge might be afraid to rule in a way that is consistent with the constitution or the law and will be swayed instead by popular opinion.


Exactly. Which is why we appoint the Supreme Ct for life in the US.


Yeah, that’s called “Democracy”.

Well, just don’t pretend anymore that it is “WE, The People” who establish and ordain the Constitution" when you have a small cabal of Elitist lawyers interpreting what the Constitution means for all us “yokels”.

You have to admit it’s ridiculous either to a small or a great degree that nine Ivy League or University of Chicago educated Justices get the final word over the entire citizenry of a nation.

This is more Benthamism being imposed by the World Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Judiciary and Attorneys upon what they consider as the mob of humanity

When I read news stories like this, it reminds me of a passage from The Lord of the Rings:

From** The Fellowship of the Ring: The Ring Goes South**

‘I wonder if this is a contrivance of the Enemy,’ said Boromir. "They
say in my land that he can govern the storms in the Mountains of Shadow that stand upon the borders of Mordor. He has strange powers and many allies.’

‘His arm has grown long indeed,’ said Gimli, `if he can draw snow down
from the North to trouble us here three hundred leagues away.’

‘His arm has grown long,’ said Gandalf.

181-year-old corpse of Jeremy Bentham attends University College London board meeting


:thumbsup: Excellent. Many blessings to Columbia for supporting families!


I know. I was horrified too, after the Supreme Court decided the election of our President in 2000. I still get upset. It shouldn’t have happened.


What are you gonna do? :wink:


There are many people who would probably say in terms of the US, that under the current system, judges are not ruling in line with the Constitution.


:Sarcasm mode:

Strange that these new rights keep reappearing whenever some judge reexamines the founding documents :smiley: – right to abortion, right to Euthanasia, right-to-whatever-the-left-wants. Why soon I wouldn’t be surprised if they discovered that gun restrictions were a constitutional right required for the safety of the general public! After all, citizens have a right to be safe! Right?

One wonders what those illiterate judges a hundred years ago were doing, reading the constitution and *not *finding all these rights that are obviously there – I mean, its right under their noses in print. I wonder what other rights our current judges are missing? :rolleyes: Oh well, I’m sure we’ll find out in a few years. :shrug:


You mean after the 2000 election was decided by the Republican controlled SCOTUS by a 5-4 vote? Uh I dunno. Maybe elect and reelect Barack Obama and then elect Hillary Clinton to follow him? :smiley:


Well, this is definitely not the will of the people!


Some weeks ago I posted this story on a thread:

2 million Colombians request referendum to ban gay adoption


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