Colombia, Shunned by U.S., Signs Accord With China

Nov. 22 (Bloomberg) – Colombia’s government, unable to attain a free-trade agreement with the U.S., signed a bilateral investment treaty with China, granting most favored nation status to each other’s companies.

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, speaking today at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Lima, said he wants to ``deepen immensely relations with China and its government,’’ according to an e-mailed transcript sent by his office.

Colombia, after lobbying unsuccessfully for the U.S. Congress to approve a free-trade agreement reached in February 2006, is broadening its trade agenda to catch up with regional neighbors that have been rushing to embrace Asia. Echoing Democratic lawmakers’ concerns over Colombia’s human-rights record, President-elect Barack Obama has said he opposes a trade accord with the U.S. ally in the fight against drugs.

Who can really blame them? Congressional treatment of Colombia has been shameful.

China has a “no hands attached” policy. They are not like the US which insists on human rights concession along with their deals.
Colombian governmental authorities aren’t really looking out for their countrymen at all. They are looking out for themselves. China will come in like it has over in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Africa) and weasel away valuable natural resources for cheap. They will mine, cut forests etc. without environmental safeguards because the Colombian ruling class only revolve about their own selves.

I got a little testy when China moved into Iraq for a big oil/refinery contract. How many daughter and sons of theirs did they lose for the ability to even be on that soil doing their “business.”

Well, moths and worms (corruption) will eat the countries from the inside out and China is there as opportunists. Hey, there are some in the USA that are opportunists as well! The good souls as well as the bad will all suffer.

Unless the good souls stand up in a unified front, forget it.

Someone once told me when we were talking about doctors having their private practices being taken over by med insurance/big business, "It’s like trying to corral a bunch of cats."
It’s the same all over! Divide and concur. Divide the church. Divide the family unit. Divide whole countries.

Jesus said that brother will turn against brother. He was correct in that statement. One brother will be “fooled” into thinking that Colombia should ‘grow and prosper’ with China investment into their country. Another brother will know that it is not a good thing at all because this brother knows God’s voice, His ways, His truth. They will be divided.

And yet we extended most favored nation status to China.

I’m ashamed, too. I purchase at Walmart. A couple of years ago, I read that Walmart (as if it could be a nation) was the fifth largest importer of Chinese products. That’s tons and tons of money flowing from our land into theirs. Walmart, of course, and the rest of the US don’t export much to China except raw materials. The balance of trade is way lopsided. And getting even worse because NOW China is tapping cheaper raw material places like Colombia and Africa.

I purchase at Walmart, though, because I pretty much have to. We are pretty much on a fixed income now because all of our income increases (what little increases there are…way below the rate of inflation) is being socked into medical savings accounts owned by the employer. Even then, with the super increases in medical prices…one doctor charged $500 for 5 minutes of his time…we’re discovering, we really can’t go to doctors anymore.

This year I had one test done and it should have cost about $300. It cost instead the whole of the contribution to the medical savings account. The medical facility knew what the"traffic" had in its pocket and charged that exact same amount. So, now I’m waiting until next year, to have one more test.

So I die. I’m like Paul…I’d really like to live with God in heaven, but I’d like to be on this earth, too. Let nature take its course.

Back in the old days, there weren’t all these medical treatments, and I had relatives that lived way into their 90’s.

Let God decide the time and place and the how and the why.

It took me a really long time to get to this attitude. I used to be so-o-o angry at the med system. I’m not anymore. I think more baby boomers should let go. It’s a happier end to things.


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