Colombian Doctor Fined and Suspended for Refusing to do an Abortion

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, Latin America CorrespondentBOGOTÁ, May 13, 2010 ( - The executive branch of the Colombian government is seeking to overturn the conviction of a doctor who refused to perform an abortion in 2008 on a mentally handicapped girl.Dr. Germán Arango Rojas says…

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If he didn’t want to do the procedure, no one should have to force him. This sounds like an error in judgment.

:mad::frowning: being fined for not killing someone, yeah that’s progress!

Read the article. That is actually the law.

The government is only intervening because the doctor wasn’t given full due process.

Wow. Cross Columbia off my list.

The article says:
Colombia’s executive branch under Alvaro Uribe has been supportive of the Supreme Court’s decision and has fined at least one Catholic hospital for refusing to do an abortion. In this case the doctor is being defended, not because of an opposition to abortion or even support of his rights of conscience, but rather because he was not allowed to defend himself.

So it’ not being contested because of the morality of it. It’s being contested because he was convicted without being able to defend himself. That’s not the same thing. According to the law, he might be convicted again anyway. Though… I don’t get why they just didn’t get another doctor to perform it. It doesn’t say it was an emergency or anything. Nor does it say anything about penalizing the man who impregnated the girl to begin with.

Coming soon to the USA.

I have to agree. If abortion is “a woman’s right,” we may find that doctors no longer have the option not to train to do them or to exclude them from their practice. The regulations promulgated by Kathleen Sebelius’s HHS agency might include abortion as a part of mandated services for any health care package.

if abortion is a woman’s right, then it is a right that superinposed the right of a baby; and if a doctor get sued for refusing to assist, then the doctor has also lose his right. this is a scary world we live in.

when we support a person’s ‘right’, how far to do we have to go to?

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