Color of scapulars

I’m thinking of buying a white scapular online because I feel that the color white has spiritual significance for me. But that has nothing to do with the origin of the white scapular. Should I hesitate to wear one if my devotion is not linked to the scapular’s particular meaning?

Yes. The meaning of scapulars is not in the color but in the spirituality associated with it. Color is accidental. I wear five scapulars, red, black, brown, blue, and white, but I wear it because of spirituality and to me wearing the five-fold is like an outward symbol of having embraced the key elements of the Christian life and being devoted to them.

Scapulars are not simply an article of clothing that someone selects based on personal preferences related to color or texture, etc. They are sacramentals that one must wear reverently, being invested by a priest, and do their best to fullfill the obligations that come with each particular scapular.

At the same time, perhaps (emphasis on the word “perhaps”) your being drawn to this particular scapular goes beyond the color of it. Did you look up what the scapular’s obligations and benefits are? Perhaps this is God’s way of nudging you in a direction you didn’t previously foresee?

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