Colorado Abortionist works at Catholic Hospital

By James Tillman DURANGO, Colorado, June 2, 2010 ( – Dr. Richard Grossman earns his living delivering babies at the Catholic hospital Mercy Regional Medical Center (MRMC).  But one day a week, he is paid to kill them at the Durango Planned Parenthood.The abortionist’s…

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:eek: is this article for real? i can’t imagine that a doctor would be able to deliver babies at a Catholic hospital and be an abortionist at the same time.

i don’t understand why this would be allowed.

More than likely it is because the “doctor” is not murdering children at the Catholic hospital and so either the hospital is overlooking this despicable aspect of his life or the Catholic hospital has somehow been forced to hire him anyway because of flaws anti-discrimination laws.

See other thread in Catholic news.You won’t believe the semantic eisegesis contortions a coupl;e of posters are indulging in to justify this

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