Colorado and the End of the War on Women

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For the last two election cycles, Democrats have been banking on their endless harping on what they termed a “war on women” allegedly being conducted by their Republican foes. The strategy worked like a charm in 2012 against some comically flawed GOP candidates and seemed, at least to Democrats, to be a gift that could keep on giving indefinitely into the future. But like all good gimmicks, the war on women had a limited shelf life. In an unlikely development, even one of the bastions of the liberal mainstream media has noticed that the attempt to use it to batter credible conservatives is not only inaccurate but also evidence that the Democrats have run out of ideas.

Democrats went into 2014 confident about Mark Udall’s prospects for reelection to the Senate. Nor were they daunted when Republicans nominated their strongest possible contender—Rep. Cory Gardner—to be his opponent. Their optimism was based on faith in Colorado’s changing demographics that supposedly made the state more hostile to the GOP. But they were primarily counting on the utility of the war on women tactic. Wrongly thinking Gardner to be a clone of Missouri Republican Todd Akin whose moronic comments about rape and pregnancy handed the Democrats an undeserved Senate victory in 2012, liberals believed any pro-life conservative could be effectively labeled an enemy of women.

Gardner, an able legislator, rightly thought of as one of his party’s rising stars, has not been so easy to smear. But rather than re-think their strategy, Democrats have doubled down on the attacks attempting to convince voters that the personable and thoughtful Republican was troglodyte misogynist. If the polls are to be believed, the fact Udall has little to say about his own tissue-thin record and that the attacks on Gardner are as illogical as they are nasty have helped put Gardiner in the lead.

After years of ignoring their responsibility to govern, Democrats may be belatedly learning that even some of their usual cheerleaders are no longer willing to acquiesce, let alone participate in their ad hominem attacks on Republicans. The war on women had a good run as a bulletproof method for rallying single female voters to the Democrats. But even the best of tactics is no substitute for a coherent economic agenda or a workable foreign policy. …But the Gardner-Udall contest may be the one that proves that liberal lies about a bogus war on women no longer work.

So is the war on women really over?

In 2006 ( the GOP was said to represent men while Democrats led with women(47 to 41%), but actually the Democrats won with men also, 46% to 45%.

This election eight years later things were different

While the Dems won women 52% to 47% they lost men 42% to 56%.

While Dems won Hispanics and blacks (63% and 89% ,respectively) they lost whites by the same as in last election carrying only 38% of white votes.

While Dems won younger voters, ~52% of voters 44 or younger, they constitute only 35% of the total vote. The GOP carried about 55% of older than 40 voters, a growing demographic.

In the past Identity Politics was a positive factor to Democrat wins but I think that was largely due to the nature of specific niche demographics being quicker to hear news that impacts them and penalizes the sleeping majority. But given enough time, the majority demographics find out too and that means they reject the Dems in larger numbers while the niche groups have less enthusiasm from feeling marginalized in the larger society and from seeing little results, except for the Gay Lobby.

I can only hope the Democrats start to rebuild their party with less reliance on Identity Politics and more on a pitch to the traditional middle class working population which has historically been their main stream support. It isn’t any more and they cant win without it.

This election also showed lower Conservative turnout while the Tea Party excelled, 37% and 32% respectively. It may seem that generic conservatives out-performed the Tea Party, but about 45% of Americans currently self identify as conservative, while only 24% of the public support the Tea Party. So while the Tea Party had a +8% showing the generic conservatives had a -8%. Why cant the GOP motivate generic conservatives to go vote?

And while Evangelicals slightly increased their turnout, none of this accounts for the loss of about 18% of conservatives from the dinner table to the voting booth. Again the GOP has failed to get values voters to the polls in proportionate numbers even without a liberal turned conservative Mormon at the head of the ticket.

Slightly fewer middle class people voted Democrat and in the election overall, which seems to support the idea this election was more lost by the Dems than won by the GOP who underperformed once again. Neither party has convinced the majority of Americans that they will fight for Middle Class interests. It would seem that there is a huge demographic plurality looking for someone to represent them.

As a Denver,Colo. resident,I can tell you firsthand that Udall overplayed his hand.His smear campaign against Cory Gardner,bordered on the ridiculous,when out of desperation he was running ads that insinuated Cor would be banning all contraception,including condonms:rolleyes: His strategy backfired BIGTIME.
Add to that CG running a clean and cogent campaign,put Mark Udell out of a job;)
Yes,the Dems need to cone up with new material…

I wonder how many elections losses it will take to make them realize the gig is up?

Oh,I think they have a pretty good idea that it has run it’s course.So I wonder if their next plan of attack will be the war on men,I don’t they have touched on that one yet:rolleyes:

That’s assuming that it ever really started. WoW was nothing more than a media campaign to begin with. It wasn’t meant to do anything than strike fear in the hearts of ladyparts. However, what the people who ran with it forgot is that women are not a homogonized group and we aren’t all hyperfocused on our ladyparts.


That’s one of things that I found so insulting about the whole WoW meme. It was as if the purveyors of this meme all thought that women would do their thinking from the waist down, rather than the neck up.

Or maybe I should be more bothered by the women who actually fell for it…

I agree completely.

This whole Identity Politics meme is based on ‘Divide and Conquer’ tactics.

Alienating the majority to get a few votes among the minority isn’t going to work any more in most cases.

This isn’t WoW related, but it speaks to the “divide and conquer” tactics:

The lowest common denominator of fear and race-baiting is something that the other party has tried to do, and the voters said ‘No.’ They rejected this,"


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