Colorado Baker Appeals Gay 'Re-Education' Order


A Colorado baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple is appealing a “re-education” order from the Colorado Civil Rights Commission.

The order requires cake artist Jack Phillips to create wedding cakes for gay couples and to re-educate his staff that the state’s Anti-Discrimination Act means artists must endorse all views.


What is this “re-education order?” The article doesn’t say, and although it provides a link, that linked article doesn’t say, either.


Here’s another article that discusses the “sensitivity training” that was court ordered.


Thanks Corki!

Quoting the baker’s attorney:

“The [sensitivity] training is really for the entire staff and it’s for him to conduct training for his staff. It’s kind of vague. He just has to report that he’s done it. It’s very vague,” said Martin, who lamented that the haphazard order was as a result of unqualified people sitting on the commission.

So he doesn’t have to attend a class, he has to give a class to his employees. And he decides the content of the class?


But then the Commission decides if they think he has done a “good enough” job at delivering this training. :shrug:


He’s got it into a real court now.I suspect the outcome will be quite different


:rolleyes: Alex undergoes sensitivity training.
Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick, 1971, based on the novel by Anthony Burgess, 1962, good (and prescient) Catholic.


Is this like a pro-gay equivalent of traffic school they are forcing on people now?


Pretty much.

Also, note the absence & silence of the usual gay “marriage” supporters and their excuse-makers. :yup:


Its also weird in that gay marriage in Colorado is not legal. What a weird world.


The whole thing is nonsense. We are not supposed to have laws that dictate how we practice our Faith, and those involved in Civil Rights ought to understand that. However, I don’t think we can make issues of Faith law either. I always thought owners of a business reserved the right to deny service to anyone.

Stores and restruants do it for improper clothing or lack of shoes, I have even seen businesses post the fact that they reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Some places don’t want kids tagging along, clothing stores don’t let you bring in food. If I had a business I would have things I would not want going on from customers and I would expect to be allowed to show them the door.

Still, I doubt I would refuse to provide a service to someone because of SSA. I just can’t go there. Dangerous or threatening behavior I would show a person doing that the door, no shirt no shoes, out you go, coming in totally wasted on drugs or alcohol, out you go; trying to shop lift…be glad I show you the way out, other than that I really don’t care to make it my business.


Big Brother will re-educate your thinking.


I believe I would have to tell Big Brother what he could do with his “sensitivity training.”


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