Colorado fails to stop abortions after 22weeks

Sadly while we don’t know who won the presidency - We do know that innocent children in the womb lost as the majority of voters in Colorado failed to protect them even after 22 weeks gestation.

The culture of death won Colorado

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Absolutely satanic. Lord have mercy on these troubled souls who vote for child murder!


Hmmm…I wonder which party defends abortion after 22 weeks

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That is so sad and so wrong. 22 weeks is definitely survivable for children born at that age. Dear Lord PLEASE help people to realize they are killing babies when they have abortions. It will never be right and it will never be acceptable.


As a resident I am deeply saddened and perhaps a bit naive as well.I actually thought this would pass handily.However,we have become such a rotten wasteland of leftist politics that in retrospect I guess it was inevitable that it would fail.Meanwhile we have a push for safe injection sites,reintroduction of wolves to our environment( clearly more important that unborn babies),national popular vote,an openly gay married governor,etc…:cry:
We are one of only seven states that allow abortion up until birth.A despicable distinction to bear in such a beautiful state

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I live here, too…and sadly, I expected it to fail. I didn’t want it to, I voted for it, but Colorado has gone from purple to blue and I knew it would fail! People want their abortions on demand and this state makes sure they keep it.


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I just hope other states don’t jump on the “kill the babies” bandwagon.

As a health care worker (lab), I wonder how any health care worker attending these later abortions can live with themselves. It will be interesting to see if the suicide rate increases in Colorado.

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Let call it what it is … Colorado is a Democratic State - electing Democratic candidates following the Democratic Platform that propose and vote for legislation that furthers Planned Parenthood’s [and NARAL et al’s] bottom line as they are bought an paid for by the abortion baby killers.

This is a travesty … and so many Catholics here on the forum talked about the reduction in abortion and how the states are where these gains are made - the Presidency does not matter [except it does] … that is true that most of the gains have been made there - but they are short lived! … but that legislation in never brought by the Democrats and does not pass in Democratic States [Blue States] … and when it is passed in Republican States [Red] - like the protections passed in Louisiana last night …

And everytime pro-life protections for the unborn are passed - the Left and NARAL, Planned Parenthood and Democrat politicians target the Republicans who passed the legislation and then they litigate that legislation in order to get it overturned in the Courts - which is why so much is short lived… it happens all the time

Reward these pro-abortion Politicians with your vote and this is the harvest - dead babies from conception to birth. :cry:


I can’t believe that people truly want their abortions on demand. I think that , rather, people have a hard time telling others that their abortions are wrong. We are increasingly finding it difficult to stand up and acknowledge moral absolutes, I think. What we are watching in these elections is a philosophical battle in which relativism seems to be emerging victorious-at least for the moment.

No one dares to tell someone, especially if that person is pregnant, that abortion is wrong. If such a thing happened in the workplace, the person who made the statement in all likelihood would lose their job. At the very least, they would become pariah, and that’s hard in a job setting.

Have you read the women’s magazines? Even decent magazines like Good Housekeeping have articles in which the clear assumption is that “abortion is part of women’s health.” The fashion and beauty magazines feature an article about “reproductive choice” almost every month. It’s just assumed that abortion is a women’s health issue, not a baby’s life issue.

When Catholics (or anyone who calls themselves a Christian) vote for a candidate who is pro-choice (pro-abortion), they send a message to every man and woman in this country that abortion is “OK by God.” And when an actual candidate, e.g., Joseph Biden, is pro-choice (pro-abortion), they make a mockery of God and call God a liar. Their souls are in danger of hellfire. It doesn’t matter how many public charity policies they advocate–they are still proclaiming in public that “abortion is OK.” Their charitable actions are burned up, just as any bit of goodness in Nazis was burned to ashes in the camps.

Electing such people when we know they are pro-choice (pro-abortion) is helping them to continue their evil actions, and God will hold us responsible for our votes.

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I agree to an extent and it is very sad …but the messaging about abortion has morphed from something to be avoided and or a unfortunate or necessary evil … something you hope would never happen - not only societally but personally has changed …now it’s a right and also something people celebrate and even brag about …

That is where this culture of death is taking us …

So those who argue no one (like this or that politician) wants abortions they aren’t actually promoting abortion are in error…that ship left long ago … They are in fact messaging that abortion is a public good, a right and something fight for and celebrate …

Who would have thought that the killing of babies would be a “celebrated American value” and one that we would export around the globe and use taxpayer funds to do so?

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