Colorado Fourth-Graders Caught Selling Pot on Playground

The incident began when a boy sold a bag of marijuana to three classmates for $11 on Monday. The 10-year-old had taken the pot from his grandparents, school spokeswoman Teresa Myers said.

One of the three children purchasing the pot, also 10, couldn’t pay his portion, so they struck a deal. The next day, that child returned with a marijuana-laced candy bar he had also taken from a grandparent to trade for the pot, Myers said.

Another child witnessed the transaction and saw one of the kids take a bite of the candy bar, she said. The witness reported it to an adult.

Wow. What on earth are fourth graders doing with drugs??? When I was in school I don’t think anyone got into drugs until middle school at the very least and usually by high school for the ones that did do them. I just graduated from high school in 2002.

Well, lo and behold. Just like with gun control, when liberals want something they make all sorts of wild false projections. We were told over and over that legalization of marijuana would eliminate the black market, and make the drug almost completely inaccessible to minors.

Entrepreneurship. :thumbsup:

(not sarcasm incidentally)

I mean. Yes. It’s wrong. This should not have happened. Buts similar to kids in school who grade cigarettes they took from their parents. Not the same. But similar.

:nope: Never saw that one coming :doh2:

When I was in High School, all the drugs I knew of was purchased at the local Drug Store for illness. OH my, how things have changed. God Bless us all, Memaw

God bless America. Thankfully soon such capital enterprise will no longer be illegal, depending on the State. Price is a little low but they are only on pocket money. Does this mean this now is officially a High School?

When my uncle was in Junior High he used to make up bags of parsley and grass clippings and sell it as pot to the elementary school kids who didn’t know any better. My grandparents found out and whupped the tar out of him!

I remember all the buying and selling that went on in my schools growing up. From 6th-12th grade there were guys and a few gals who either had what drug you were interested in or knew someone who did. Anything from pot to pills to powders to club drugs like K or E or even LSD available at recess or the bus stop. I didn’t try anything until Freshman year, but I knew plenty who were regular users by 8th and their parents had zero clue.

Two years ago I got a phone call to come pick up my child from 8th grade. She witnessed one of her classmates selling his parents pills (some type of codeine pills and Xanaxes) to other students. My daughter didn’t buy any, but she didn’t tell, either. Apparently, the kid had been doing it for a while. Stealing a couple pills here and there and then selling them for $5 each.

This is nothing new.

Very sad. These children are this country’s future. Praying for these children, their families & this country. We need prayers.

They have been sold a bill of goods that says that pot isn’t addictive, isn’t as bad as cigarettes or alcohol and that it isn’t a gateway drug.

Why wouldn’t they think it okay to sell and consume? :shrug:

Ooooooor they just figured they could make some quick $ selling it.

Some here are acting like no drugs have ever been sold in schools prior to COlorado legalizing marijuana.

The age of the fourth-graders isn’t really factor either. When I was in second-grade (circa 1989) a classmate had a brisk business selling pages of porno mags.

Ecclesiastes 1:9
What has been is what will be,
and what has been done is what will be done;
and there is nothing new under the sun.

If I sound jaded, it is due to my acquaintance with reality.

You’d be amazed what the new “normal” is.

But alas, nothing ever really changes.

I never heard promises like this. The only promises I heard was that the war on drugs would eliminate access to drugs, just like the promise that prohibition would eliminate access to alcohol. Prohibition was an utter failure in that regard…same for the war on drugs. The reality is any kid can get any substance any time. The black market will exist as long as the federal ban exists. This is why prohibition was repealed. Is alcohol completely inaccessible to minors? No. Federal bans have no affect whatsoever on access. Minors have access with or without federal bans. That’s the reality. Organized crime loves federal bans…it increases their business by guaranteeing all profits go to them. Big government loves federal bans also…billions of taxpayer dollars go to them also in the form of law enforcement and prisons. It’s a huge waste because it has no affect on access to drugs. And organized crime is taking over south of the border…they have so much money and money gives them real power and they use that power to hurt innocent people. Prohibition was bad public policy. We learned that lesson the hard way…but we tried it again decades later and utterly failed again with the war on drugs. This is a big government policy. This makes it a liberal policy. People who oppose this policy are not liberals. It’s possible to be opposed to substance abuse and also opposed to policies that simply don’t work in fighting substance abuse.

The Californians who moved to Colorado and the Democrats are destroying the State.

Sad mankind desperately wants to escape reality.
Grandparents/parents are often careless with their medicine/mind altering devices. Not only are children taking pot, but also pain medicine; although fourth grade is extremely young.

I guess we need courage to see why fourth graders/children/teens seek so much escape from reality. Have their parents abandoned them to their grandparents? Are they abused? Do they seek challenges they cannot get from family, friends, or school? Does the media skew their perception of reality causing them to want to escape? Has the role models in their life become so enslaved by mind altering substances that they idolize this?

Tobacco is legal for adults but if taxes become too much, then the underground economy booms because of the high costs. As soon as the states start to reel in the money from it, their thirst for more money in the form of higher taxes for drugs will continue to allow the illegal trading of it.

Regarding the point that federal bans have no effect on access is not true. There will always be some people that won’t do it because its illegal. To prove it, consider abortion. Did abortion rates not go up after Roe vs. Wade? Do you believe that any laws restricting abortion to be bad as well?

By access I mean any substance is available to anyone who wants it…whether or not it’s banned by the federal government. Just because there’s access, doesn’t mean every person is a user obviously…there’s still free will involved…some indulge…some don’t. I think abortion should be banned along with abortifacient drugs and the iud. That’s a big government solution to a different problem. Not all big government solutions are bad. Some, like the war on drugs, are terrible public policy. There is a role for government. We have to be wise in its use. God Bless.

I used to work in a drug-free workplace. That was a long time ago.

Now, increasingly, it seems that I live in a work-free drug place.

It’s too bad that fourth graders are getting drugs from grandma to sell at school. No, it was not always so.

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