Colorado investigating potential fraud after news report of “dead voters”


The state will prosecute any cases of suspected fraud following a news report showing votes were cast in the names of dead people, Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams said Friday.

Williams said he is working with Colorado county clerks and district attorneys to root out voter fraud. In a report Thursday, CBS4 found several cases of records showing votes being cast by people who had died years earlier.

“Our office is working to ensure all such incidents are prosecuted and that laws and rules are adjusted to make vote fraud as difficult as possible,” Williams said in a release late Thursday. Williams’ office also is working with county clerks to streamline the process required to delete deceased voters from voting rolls.


I was just joking recently along these lines, I have an older uncle that could be describe as radical conservative. He will give you an earful on anything liberal. He’s getting up there in age. Some in the family were suggesting jokingly the uncle could vote for Hillary this election. Not a chance I was thinking, he is still alive. Maybe in a decade or two he will vote for a liberal Presidential candidate.


Wow… same here Roselle…

The news commentator just said the race was neck and neck and I had this thought that this is going to be another chad-inspecting election, isn’t it?

Looks like the insanity has already started again. The news channels must be very happy about this.

Sad to hear our government hasn’t sorted out the problem of “the dead” being able to vote by now! How many years has passed since we’ve known about this? How many more years is it going to take until they are able to stop “dead people” from voting?


It’s been pointed out that early voting and mailed ballots will always lead to some “dead people” voting. This is simply because a finite number will vote by these means and then die prior to Election Day.



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