Colorado teen birthrate drops 40% with low-cost birth control


Colorado’s teen birth rate dropped 40% between 2009 and 2013, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment announced this week, in part due to a program that provides long-acting contraception to low-income women…

Seven out of 10 teen pregnancies in Colorado are unplanned, which can carry health risks for both the mother and child and increases the rate of elective abortions. The health department said that teen abortion rates during the study time period also decreased 35%.


The whole reason there’s “unplanned pregnancies” in the first place springs from the notion that sex and procreation are separable - a notion espoused by contraception.


I heard that in one sample group of teens, they tried abstinence and unplanned teen pregnancies dropped by 100%…:rolleyes:


I’m glad that contraception does what it intends - reduce teen pregnancies. Obviously its no panacaea. If you give kids free birth control, teach them how to use, and tell them to have sex, there are still unplanned pregnancies. We can’t substitute morality with technology; the desire to live a moral life must be there.

Interesting statistic - I wonder where the 30% of teenage pregnancies that are PLANNED come from. 19-year-olds ready to settle down and start families right after high school?


‘In part’ - what does that mean?

Between 1995 and 2001 in Sweden, the abortion rate for teens grew 32% in a time when oral contraceptions, cheap condoms, and over the counter emergency contraception:

Guttmacher Institute showed a simultaneous increase in contraception use and teen abortion rate in the US, Denmark, Cuba, Singapore, the Netherlands, and South Korea:


‘In part.’ But how much has it contributed to a decline in the teenage birthrate? Perhaps there are fewer teenagers having sex, and therefore the teenage birthrate declines because there are fewer having sex and fewer getting pregnant. The article says the abortion rate has also declined, but if more people are using contraceptives like the IUD, which may act abortifacient, how many fertilised embryos are being destroyed?


Did any of these teens have hormones? :wink:


Thanks for the article.



Apparently, they had backbones made out of a more substantial material than marshmallow because they didn’t beat a hasty retreat when those dreaded “hormones” tried to run rampant over their moral sensibilities.


I only kid. I’ll agree that we live in an oversexualized culture. Those teens should be commended. My only point is that nobody should kid themselves in thinking an abstinence education will make the problem of teen pregnancy go away completely. Has there ever been a time in human history when there was no teen pregnancy?


Good question, but I think an even better formulation would be: “Has there ever been a time in human history when there was a comparably irresponsible attitude towards pregnancy, teen or otherwise?”


How would one go about changing this irresponsible attitude?:shrug:


In my old high school, there was no teen pregnancy. It was a Catholic high school. Contraceptives were unavailable. Girls would not chance pregnancy. They all said ‘no’ if boys tried to go too far.





’ Faith like a mustard seed …to move mountains ’ - the truth of the Incarnation that conveys the dignity of each human life is possibly one such mustard seed , which , like the plant , then can spread fast , taking root , in other areas of the person’s life .

The enemy , knowing this well , possibly directs its attacks , in subtle and overt formats against this truth - thus, we have Catholics like the Bill Gates, who could use their wealth, in accordance with Church truth and thus could have planted many a mustard plant and fields !

We also see how the enemy seed also produces the field of such plants ; thus , we have Japan , where now supposedly 90 % of women do not wnat to marry .

Contraception brings on the ’ user ’ ( prosituting ) mentality about women into the culture , as was well warned by The Church and in w writings by St.John Paul 11 etc , which with its selfish ways easily then serves to rob faith and all the good to come from same , leaving families and persons in bitterness and alienation .

Its effects in the lives and culture at large would yet be unfathomable for us but the varied illnesses ,eating disorders , cancers broken families, addictions, are all in many ways connected to the bad plant !

Treating children and each other with the respect they deserve is easier said than done, since many come from families with long , large , even mountainous baggages, related to such choices and over generations too !

Yet, we see that the mustard seed ,such as the Rosary devotion, when prayed with increasing trust and faith , is to counter such mountains !

’ Hail Mary , full of grace …’ - we get to join Angel Gabriel and the Holy Spirit who is The Author , to say those marvelous words to our Mother …and on behalf or rather with others in our lives and those in their lives, including those who went before, yet leaving the mountains … of tendency to be selfish , greedy, rebellion against the Church , idolatry of giving to creatures / things what belongs to God and so on …

Teens understand about relationships and how they have the choice to have one with the Lord and His household or with the enemy , who comes in various guises, but with the same intent - to steal, kill and destroy blessings of God - peace of mind, sense of dignity , health and relationships that bring persons , even whole family lines , closer to The Lord .

True, it would be difficlut for parents to have to swim against the torrent of the promiscous culture and even tougher for the kids ; thus need to cover the fields even early on , including for those who would be coming into the lives of the children. their families and so on !

’ Blessed are the Fruit of thy womb - Jesus ’ - powerful blessing , to undo the curse and enemy plants out there !

And may be,  many parents are doing  just that , which too might be a reason for the quoted numbers !


The actual study seems to be behind a pay wall. But from the abstract, the greatest decrease was among those who already had at least one child. The decrease wasn’t as dramatic among other teens.

It makes me wonder what the goal in doing studies like this are. Is it really to reduce unintended pregnancies or just a means of reducing the population of the undesireables? Is the IUD, the new version of the less PC forced sterilizations that were done during the 20th century? There does seem to be a huge push to get all the poor women hooked up to long lasting forms of birth control. Not so much in the richer/educated populations.


IUD’s are obviously more effective, since they reduce human error.
That they have not been used more aggressively in the past is likely driven by drug companies, who prefer to sell the pill.


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