Colorado visitors are using pot and ending up in the ER


Researchers: Weed-related ER visits are on the rise in CO, especially out-of-state visitors


are they paying their hospital bills or skipping out?


??? Doesn’t ACA cover this


oh I forgot about ACA. Surely Obama put something in there for pot smokers!


I imagine that many of the visits to the ER are the result of edibles. It’s really difficult to control the dosing with edibles so I bet people are ingesting much more than they are accustomed to. Probably doesn’t help that the manufacturers of the products don’t really have great quality control on their products. You might eat one product that is a real dud and then get another that contains a mega dose. Plus there are also oils that are being manufactured for dabbing with really, really high doses of THC. For the uninitiatied it could lead to an uncormfortable high. What a big mess!! Thanks, Obama.


I’ve heard that it would be hard to argue that there have not been pot fatalities in accidents on the highway in Washington. Whether this is over-the-top criticisms, I don’t know.


The article mentioned an increase in animal poisonings, anyone know the story on that?

My only guess was the family dog is eating ‘edibles’ infused with THC.

Has Doritos seen a spike in sales in CO and WA?


I would imagine so. We are talking about drugs strong enough to tranquilize a large horse disguised as just the sort of thing a pet or child would love to get their hands on. I would imagine there is going to be a change coming soon in the way that edibles are manufactured and labeled.


Obama and the federal government had nothing to do with it. The citizens of the great state of Colorado voted to legalize marijuana in their state. You do believe in states rights, correct?


I’m tentatively for legalization but only the plant matter should be legal and all of the processed products should be illegal to sell. There’s no way to know exactly how much you are taking and it’s incredibly easy to eat too much if you don’t know what you are doing. If you can’t make it at home yourself you need to be very careful. I’m of the opinion that the oils and extracts are no longer marijuana and more along the lines of a hard drug.


I don’t see how the outcome could have possibly been otherwise.


You beat me to saying, “Gee whiz!” Thank the Lord we have a good Bishop and things like the Augustine Institute here.


A reminder to all sober, responsible, caring people - Colorado and Washington have brought this on themselves. Cleaning up after this pot-head doper use is cost unlimited. All services of the State are affected by stoned people. The most encountered pot affect is stoned drivers. Remember, smoking is not allowed in many places so the stoners go to their cars to get high. Then, of course, they drive off. Another area of “hush about” is that kids are being mentally stunted and middle school children are suffering.

Talk about lead in Flint’s water harming children? When will Colorado and Washington be declared federal emergencies - or will the drug cartels take over?


So they are freaking out? Wonderful just what we need! :rolleyes:


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