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How do I get a friend to stop using curse words when speaking in a group? Should I continue to ignore this or say something?


Tell him:“It’s rude. A lack of good manners. Unpleasant and offensive to the listener.”


If he’s a good friend, you could tell him in a kind way in private that his language is a bit off-putting to you. You run the risk that he might not wish to change, though.


I would say something along the lines of "I’d really appreciate it if you could ease up on the language "
as bear said in a kind voice.


Pray for him to stop and set a good example - never utter any curse words whatsoever around him.

This is the best you can do, for now.

If he’s a very close friend who you’ve known for at least a few years, then you could rebuke him and tell him he shouldn’t cuss so much. But no rebuking until you are close to him.


Thank you all for your input. This is helpful. God bless you.


It sounds like your friend is trying to draw attention to her/him self. usually it comes from lack of self confidence or they want to be looked at like a ‘big shot’. You should not ignore this, do not reprimand them in front of others. If they continue to use that kind of language in the group’ then you’ll have no choice but to ask them to leave. htp. Either way you are doing the right thing.God bless you…:butterfly::butterfly:


Thank you for your insight. I rec’d a card in the mail addressed to Ms. Goody Two Shoes. I didn’t open it.


OK…Ms. Two Shoes…You have a sense of humor…that’s good… I hope everything worked out with your friend and you are ok now…God Bless you…:butterfly::butterfly::butterfly:


An acquaintance of mine didn’t really swear per say, but was crude and shared opinions that made others uncomfortable. I think he just got a kick out of getting a reaction out of people.

I was embarrassed when he did this in group conversations, so one day I just began blurting things out in Japanese. Mind you, I don’t speak Japanese or understand what I was saying, it was more of a nervous reaction. But it was enough of a distraction that he got the hint.



Glad this person got the hint. You were wise, indeed. I appreciate your sharing this. I will give it some thought and most likely get some inspiration.


Ha! Thanks. Things couldn’t get any worse. Giving it time and prayer. Appreciate your reply.


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