Colts Coach Clyde Christensen Spared From Abortion Like Tim Tebow

Colts Coach Clyde Christensen Spared From Abortion Like Tim Tebow

Miami, FL – When millions of people around the world tune in for the Super Bowl tomorrow, they will finally get a chance to see the commercial celebrating the life of Tim Tebow. But viewers may not know Clyce Christensen, the assistant head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, has his own potential abortion story that changed his life.

What a beautiful story. Thanks for posting.

Great story and what a nice man!

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Ultimately for Christensen, he credits his adoption with giving him a fullness of life he now enjoys.

“I am a husband, a father of three terrific daughters, and I’m an NFL football coach. I don’t know of anyone whose life has been more blessed than mine,” he says. “Coaching has given me the opportunity to influence many young lives throughout the years. And today, my own beautiful girls have and will continue to impact this world for good. What an impact one right decision can have.”

Great story.
It puts losing the Super Bowl into the proper perspective. More than winning, it is just about being there. it really is.

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