Columbus clinic to stop providing abortions


A Columbus clinic will no longer offer surgical abortions as the number of abortion providers across Ohio dwindles to eight.

The decision by Complete Healthcare for Women on Cleveland Avenue leaves two abortion clinics in Columbus.

Operators of the obstetric and gynecological practice which opened its doors 40 years ago, Dr. Mervyn J. Samuel and his son, Dr. Milroy J. Samuel, could not be reached for comment. A clinic worker said the practice is not closing, however, surgical abortions would no longer be available after today.


That’s great to hear. “40 days for Life” had multiple campaigns at that location and have now moved on to another facility.



Amen, hopefully more continue to shut down


I am happy to hear that they have stopped performing surgical abortions. However, I have to wonder about what is commonly called “medical abortions” in which abortion is induced via an abortion pill. Are they still having those types of abortions?

That said, I hope and pray that more and more clinics will stop performing abortions.


More progress in saving the unborn. :thumbsup:



Good news! :slight_smile:


In keeping with the intent and specificity of prayers, let’s remember to also pray for women to stop seeking abortions since you can close a clinic but a desperate person will still attempt.

Also pray for women not getting pregnant in the first place or for their being able and/or hopeful to bring a child into the world.


“a desperate person will still attempt.”
The closing of this clinic will make more women seek a dangerous solution to her problem but it won’t decrease the number of abortions. It will only increase the number of dead women and the dead babies that you are claiming to protect. If she doesn’t die from a back alley type of abortion she may be unable to conceive again. This decision will affect Catholic women in exactly the same proportion as non Catholics.


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