Column: Court reinstates lawsuit against Catholic hospital for refusing transgender patient’s surgery

Stating that California’s interest in fighting discrimination against LGBTQ residents outweighs the right to impose religious standards on healthcare, an appeals court has reinstated a lawsuit against the Catholic hospital chain Dignity Health for barring a hysterectomy for a transgender patient.

The lawsuit was brought by Evan Minton, whose hysterectomy was abruptly canceled by Dignity’s Mercy San Juan Medical Center of Carmichael, Calif., in 2016 when hospital officials learned he was transgender. The hospital took the action to comply with the church’s Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services, which prohibit sterilization procedures except in very narrow circumstances.

“Any burden [state law] places on the exercise of religion is justified by California’s compelling interest in ensuring full and equal access to medical treatment for all its residents,” wrote Justice Stuart R. Pollak for a unanimous three-judge panel of the state Court of Appeal in San Francisco.

An interesting situation.

Apparently not doing an elective hysterectomy for a man or a woman is equal enough for California and no non-Catholic hospital was an option. It sounds a lot like the same sex wedding suits against photographers and bakers. Only total agreement with their agenda is permissible for some people.


Do you remember when that wouldn’t have even been a sentence?


Yes, that is still in my short term memory. The world is going crazy at a faster rate than I ever dreamed. I noticed that I omitted the word not from my post. I meant to say it was not equal enough for California. Double negatives and all other complex operations of thought and speech should be avoided when considering California. We should return to a level of six year old children until we can agree on the basics we understood when we were six.


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